Monday, April 04, 2011

Male on Monday - The Love That Dare Not Speak: Redheaded Men

Where Brigid Coady is overcome by the flame haired hero...

I have a thing for red headed men. I know they are supposed to be a no-no in category romance (unless maybe Celtic historicals) but they do ‘something’ to me. So in tribute to this rare breed, in fact red headed slaves were prized in the Roman empire for their rarity, I give you some fine examples below.

A fine red head/auburn although he has been known to dye it when playing Apollo in Battlestar Galactica... I give you Jamie Bamber. He has starred on these pages before and has been the cause of a few internet spats between myself and Donna. I always win though.

Old Etonian who does a fine American accent... Damian Lewis *sigh*

I have the box set for 'Band of Brothers' pretty much for him alone.

Another fine British flame haired actor. He inherited his hair (and his talent?) from his mother Dame Maggie Smith.

Moving across the Pond we have the lovely Eric Stoltz. I fell for him when he was in 'Some Kind of Wonderful'....

And a new face for our gallery... I give you Matthew Jaeger

So who have I missed that you would add to the red headed gallery??

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  1. Ooh, Biddy, this is a brave move!

    Actually, not a lot of people know this, but Robert Redford is actually a strawberry blond, because I once stood next to him. Just check out his chest hair in The Way We Were (not that I was staring at his chest or anything while Babs was emoting!!). And I've always thought he was quite tasty. BTW, he's also very short, but that's another dangerous post... The attraction of short men.

  2. I love this post! "Reds" rock the house : )

    I really like actor Cole Hauser, who has auburn hair and light blue eyes. He is both a rugged hunk and a sensitive family man. Very appealing!

  3. You do not always win! LOL

    I'm with you on the BoB DVD set...I also watched him in LIFE when it had it's short run on US television. I adore Damian Lewis.

    My latest yum yum redhead (well, latest being the last 5 years or so) is Max Martini from The Unit. Oh drool. Paired with a husky voice and it's heaven.

  4. By the way I totally think we need a show that has Damian Lewis and Toby Stephens cast as brothers. Just sayin'.

  5. Donna, I agree with you about Max Martini. Seriously hunky! Those freckles make you want to connect the dots ; )

    He was very appealing in the TV movie "Silver Bells" : )

  6. Yummy! I'm all for the red-headed movement. ;)

    Damian Lewis is the inspiration for a character in a miniseries I'm writing now for Intrigue--Detective Spencer Montgomery. I haven't written a red-haired hero before (after 40+ books I figured it was about time!). I, too, was motivated by BAND OF BROTHERS. Love that miniseries!

    And I didn't know that Maggie Smith (a favorite actress of mine!) had such a hottie offspring. Thanks for the introduction!

    Julie Miller

  7. Seems I am not the only Ginger Lover in the world!

    Heidi - I thought about adding Robert Redford but I always think him of more blonde.

    Almost added Spencer Tracey and James Cagney as old school red heads... both swoon worthy in their own way.


  8. David Wenham, he was in Lord of the Rings, Moulin Rouge and Van Helsing (I think he looked rotten in that movie).
    toby and Damian definitively have that 'come to mama' factor!

  9. I like red heads. Have a nephew and two great nephew with red hair. The pictures are great!

  10. Damien Lewis & Toby Stephens, wow just the thought of being a sandwich filler and them the two slices of bread, yum yum!!