Monday, April 25, 2011

MALE ON MONDAY: Chris Hemsworth

Harlequin Presents Extra author Mira Lyn Kelly takes a good long look at the God of Thunder.


Eyes over here ladies…

If you wouldn’t mind prying your attention away from the pics a moment, I’d like to introduce you to my new pretend, celebrity boyfriend, Australian born Chris Hemsworth—most recently known for his upcoming role as Thor, the God of Thunder…and, yes, that IS a hammer in his pocket.

What happened to my former flame, Chris Evan’s? Well, things just burned out between us. But fortunately this hammer wielding hunk full o’ hotness, was there to catch me on the rebound.

So the deets. The truth is Chris and I got off to a rocky start when he wrenched my heart out portraying ill-fated George Kirk in the opening scenes of J. J. Abrams' 2009 film Star Trek. As a rule, I’m not a fan of men who make me cry. But Chris was determined to show me he was more than just a Lycra sporting, self-sacrificing baby daddy to James T.

He was also 6’3” and had recently upgraded his already flawless physique with a jaw dropping additional 20lbs of solid muscle for his role as Thor—a part he beat out is brother, Liam, for. That additional bulk took his status from mere morsel of man candy to one massive slab of all powerful man-god. I was swayed.

Of course, it’s not all about the looks *clears throat, glancing guiltily away*. Chris and I have more than just thunder rumbling chemistry between us. We have tons in common.

Chris was born 11 August 1983, a year I remember fondly. He’s incredibly strong, and I need someone incredibly strong to carry me around princess style without gasping for air. We’re both married (hence the unfortunate “PRETEND” qualifier).

Anyway, a bit more bragging on my man…

Recent film credits include:

The Avengers (pre-production) - Thor

2011 Red Dawn (completed) - Jed Eckert
2011 The Cabin in the Woods (completed) - Curt Vaughan

2011 Thor - Thor

2010 Ca$h - am Phelan

2010 Ollie Klublershturf vs the Nazis (short) - Chad

2009 A Perfect Getaway - Kale

2009 Star Trek - George Kirk

And a couple more gratuitous hot shots...just for kicks.




  1. Oh, yes. I saw the ads for Thor and I can't wait to see it. Loved him in Star Trek. Great choice.

    Abbi :-)

  2. Oh, my. He's got muscles on his muscles. *fans face*

    You seem to have a thing for men named Chris.

  3. Abbi, Yeah, when I saw the preview for Thor, I knew I recognized him, but couldn't quite place the face. Then - ahha!! Loved him in Star Trek. Maybe I should watch it tonight to tide me over for Thor! :-)

    Jo, I KNOW! Lol, my husband is a Chris too. Creature of habit maybe :D

  4. Like Abbi, I couldn't place him, although I knew he was familiar. I actually have high hopes for Thor after seeing the trailer. The fact that he is such a honey is just a bonus.

  5. Nice pick! Loved him in Star Trek. Think I'll watch again too!

  6. See to me he will always be Kim from Home & Away.


  7. Cor!!! He's enough to "thor" any an ice maidens heart. What a set of pec's! ;o) - Caroline xx

  8. Julia, I know, that trailer looks GOOoood!
    Amy, I didn't get to see it last nigh...but this week for sure.
    Brigid, lol, thankfully I was never exposed to him as Kim. Suspect it would have been enough to get me hooked on the soap, hard!
    Caroline, yeah, I get really, really flustered looking at his pictures, lol. It really borders in the pathetic, but oh well :-)

  9. He's so yummy--I'm surprised you SHARED him with us. LOL I almost don't need coffee now. ALMOST. :)

  10. Ah, bless you for this post. Beautiful, yes he is.

  11. Donna, lol, I could see him practically being interchangeable with coffee... both are hot. Strong. And full bodied. Rich. A treat to be enjoyed throughout the day...but only take it to bed with you if you plan to stay up all night long, lol. *snicker, snicker*. Sorry. I'm shameless.

    Jamie, so glad you enjoyed!

  12. Chuckling ~ Stick with Chris and you'll never have to worry about talking in your sleep. This one is a nice piece of eye candy.