Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Library: Susan Meier

Susan Meiers asks the Pink heart Society what they’re reading…

Right now I’m finishing up the fourth book in the Nora Roberts Brides Quartet. This is my luck…I had waited until all four books were out before I began reading. Then, just when I finished book three, my RITA entries arrived! Ack! I had to put off reading Parker’s Story until I’d read my RITAs! Then, the book for the Daphne (the published contest from the Kiss of Death RWA Chapter) arrived!

But it was worth the wait. I love Parker and Mal’s story. Parker is the leader of the pack. Four friends who have been together through thick and thin since childhood. She takes care of everybody else so much that reading the first three stories I wondered if she’d ever relax enough to find her own hero. But she does – in someone readers would never suspect. This pedigreed socialite falls for a mechanic. True, he owns his own shop. And also true he’s had an amazing life. So they’re a good fit. But it takes a while for them to realize it!

It was the kind of great story we expect from Nora Roberts!

Actually, I loved all four books. The cast of characters was brilliant. But that’s why I love Nora Roberts’ books. She does people right!

So that’s the book I’m reading now. Next up on my to be read pile is…HUNGER GAMES. Yes! I finally got the trilogy and those are the books I will read once I finish HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

So what are you reading? Anybody reading the first book in my BABIES IN THE BOARDROOM series, THE BABY PROJECT? I loved writing this book. It was a bit of a departure for me because the heroine was super tragic. But I knew there was a light at the end of the tunnel for her and that was how I could write through some of the very dramatic scenes in the beginning of the book. It was pure joy to bring some happiness into Whitney’s life, and once I got started the whole thing fell together. It’s a story I’m very proud of – But I do go on! LOL

What are you reading?

susan meier

THE BABY PROJECT, SECOND CHANCE BABY, A BABY ON THE RANCH, the BABIES IN THE BOARDROOM mini-series for Harlequin Romance, April, May and June 2011

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  1. Hi Susan,

    I'm thinking you are taking a teeny bit of time to promote your new trilogy. I'll wait until I have all three books to read them.

    I haven't been reading much lately as I have the attention span of a 2 year old with ADD. We had to put a cat to rest just recently and I've been grieving.

    However I did read a great book by Amy Andrews this week. A Harlequin Medical called Rescued by the Dreamy Doc. Amy includes a lot of mental health issues in the book which I found really interesting. My father suffered a nervous breakdown when I was 11 back in the 1950's. Mental illnesses need all the positive exposure they can get and Amy did a wonderful job weaving a story out of two people very troubled by the mental illnesses in their families.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful read, Susan!

    I've had my foot up for a few days and had time to catch up on some reading. The latest Kate Hardy Medical - The Fire Fighter and Nurse Loveday - was a warm and emotional mix as you'd expect from Kate. Yummy fire fighter hero.

    I've also read Major Pettigrew's Last Stand - which I understand is being filmed. I loved every minute of this book and recommend it heartily with the proviso that some of the attitudes seemed to be out 1950s Britain rather than the 21st Century and I found myself checking to see when it was written. The author also seemed to be a bit sketchy on UK Planning Laws.

    I also read - and this is topical - the brilliant To Marry a Prince by Sophie Page (aka Sophie Weston and Jenny Haddon).

    I've just started reading 13 Letters - a Kindle freebie - but my Kindle is upstairs and I can't remember the author. Looks promising.

  3. Liz!

    I'm feeling like a slug, only having read the RITA books I was sent (6) three Daphne entries (two were excellent) and the Roberts trilogy.

    I also go a Kindle for my b-day which I plan on loading with books as soon as I get my manuscript turned in!


  4. You know, Kaelee, I have been thinking about this recently. There are so many things that we know now about mental illness that we didn't know way back when.

    So many people went undiagnosed and suffered in silence.

    I actually held back on the Brides trilogy and read all four books -- almost -- back to back. The Rita entries put a halt that that!


  5. I haven't read Nora's Happily Ever After, but it sounds good.

    I love the premise of the Baby's in the Boardroom. Three brothers with different mothers...related but different and I'm sure that will cause issues. I wish they all came out the same month so I didn't have to wait for them.

    I'm reading Christmas Magic on the Mountain by Melissa McClone. It's the wrong time of the year for a Christmas book, but it begins with a nice amount of conflict and I'm anxious to see how it ends.

  6. Susan - the books sound fantastic! I'm going to be holding off till I have at least the first two before I start devouring. LOL

    It's funny you should mention Nora Roberts. I agree, I love how well she does people and the way she weaves the characters' stories together in a trilogy.

    Next on my list is a re-read of her Chesapeake Bay trilogy.

    Good luck with the books!


  7. Jenna!

    Thanks for the nice words on the series.

    I think you'll enjoy the Melissa McClone book.

    I'm WRITING a Christmas book right now. I'm jumping from the my Christmas mood to an Easter mood.

    I'm feeling very disoriented. LOL


  8. Barbara

    Just re-read the whole Chesapeake series and loved it as much as the first time.

    She's the master with characters!