Saturday, March 19, 2011


Winnie Griggs joins Wildcard Weekend with wedding bells on the mind....

Just a few short weeks ago our oldest daughter got engaged. Actually, her boyfriend did the formal speak-to-the-father thing first, then formally proposed and gave her the ring. It was all quite romantic and lovely and now we are in planning mode for a summer wedding. But while I was doing a bit of online research on wedding planning, I stumbled across some information about superstitions and myths associated with weddings, many of them new to me. I thought it would be fun information to share with you in this post.

I’ll start with the ones that denote bad luck, mostly so I can end on an upbeat note.

Wearing Pearls
The bad luck version of this superstition indicate that pearls represent future tears and so wearing them on your wedding day will bring lots of tears and heartache in your marriage.

Rain On The Wedding Day
Similar to pearls, rain drops are thought to represent the many tears a bride will cry during the coming years.

Signing Your Married Name Before The Wedding
This is considered bad luck as it is thought to be tempting fate sort of like counting your chickens before they hatch).

Making Your Own Wedding Dress
Supposedly, every stitch the bride sews herself on her dress represents a tear she’ll shed during her married life. However, I can shoot this one down. I made my own wedding dress and so far have had 35 years of happily ever after.

Marrying Someone Whose Surname Begins With The Same Initial
Apparently there is an old saying that goes "A change of name and not of letter Is a change for the worse and not the better."

Dropping The Wedding Ring
Some believe that whoever drops a ring during the ceremony will be the first to die among the wedding party (yikes!)

Winnie Griggs

Sensible, settled, steady... and not Sadie Lassiter.

Eli Reynolds knows what he wants in a wife, and the flighty Texas girl couldn’t be further from the mark. Eli has his nine-year-old sister’s welfare to consider - Penny deserves a mother who will give her proper care. But when bad weather strands Eli and Sadie together, he sees a new side to her character. She’s rash - but also resourceful. Instead of discipline, she has diligent faith. Her housekeeping skills are lacking, but she’s filled with humor and sweetness. She may not be a “proper” wife, but to save her reputation - and to take a chance on happiness he’d never expected to find - Eli will take her as his bride.

Rain On The Wedding Day
Some equate rain with fertility and thus believe that rain on the wedding day ensures the couple will be blessed with the coming of fine children.

Crying On The Wedding Day
This superstition states that if a bride cries during the ceremony, she will have cried all her tears and won’t need to shed any during her marriage

Dropping The Wedding Ring
In this version, dropping the ring during the ceremony is considered good luck because it shakes out the evil spirits that might be hiding in the ring. (I like this MUCH better than the bad luck version!)

Okay - on to the superstitions that claim to bring good luck.. Oh, and you’ll notice some of these contradict the superstitions above - such is the nature of myths and superstitions.

Wearing Pearls
In this version of the superstition relating to pearls, it is said that pearls take the place of a bride’s real tears and so she’ll have a joyous, tear-free wedding

Surprisingly, there are several superstitions around the shoes of various members of the wedding party.
It is considered good luck for a house cat to eat from the bride’s shoe during the week of her wedding (now how did this one get started?)
It is also considered good luck for the groom’s mother to throw a shoe at the bride as the newlyweds leave their reception (yikes!) - supposedly it ensures the bride and her mother-in-law will become good friends
If the bride has the bridesmaids sign the bottom of her shoe, the name that remains after the others are walked off is the next to marry.

There were many more, but I thought these were the most interesting.
So have you heard of all of these before? Are you at all superstitious when it comes to weddings? And are there other superstitions you want to share with us?


  1. Hi. I've heard most of these superstitions. The one you haven't mentioned is that the groom isn't supposed to see the bride on the wedding day until the ceremony. My husband saw me and we have been married over 40 years now.

    I like the back cover blurb of your new book. I really enjoyed The Christmas Journey when I read it so I am looking forward to reading this book as well.

  2. Kaelee - Yay for long lasting marriages. And thanks for the kind words about my books :)