Saturday, March 05, 2011

WILD CARD WEEKEND: To the Ledge and Back

When the going gets tough, Mira Lyn Kelly's girlfriends get her though...

Okay, so it’s that time again. Yeah, back away slowly. The crazy pants have come on and, oh baby, they are fitting nice and snug. Or they were at least, until my back up arrived.

So between sick kids, holidays, snow days, cracked foundations and failing sumps (to name just a few of the highlights) the last two months have been significantly less productive writing wise than I’d hoped. And while I try to keep my cool…after a while, that one more thing, one more day, one more delay eventually turns into the one little piece of hay that breaks this camel’s back.
Enter: The ledge…and me backed up to it.

We’ve all made it to this spot at one time or another. Where all the demands of our lives, lay scattered on the ground around us. That showy act of juggling, nothing more than a distant memory. This is the land of short breaths, panicky laughter, and a fuse the length of your pinky toenail.

Not a pretty place to be. And not always an easy spot to get out of either. Not without a little help from some like-minded, crazy-pants wearing, quirky-sense-of-humor sporting, good-old-fashioned girlfriends.

Without them I’d be lost.

They show up with a ready ear, a hug, or a bottle of wine. A joke or tip or some trashy bit of gossip they know I can’t resist and, casting it out into that sea of chaos that is my current breakdown, offer me something to hold on to while they reel me back in with news of my favorite writer’s coming release.

They make me laugh…hard…and somehow that’s enough to put the ledge behind me…for at least another week or two. Leaving me to write another day...or wrestle a case of pink-eye out of the house. Whichever it may be.

Wishing you all as wonderful a set of go-to girls as I am lucky enough to have!


Mira Lyn Kelly


  1. You know, writing would be a lot easier if life would kindly step out of the way.

    Hope things settle down soon for you, Mira!

  2. So true. So very, very true, lol. Thanks much Amy :-)

  3. It's odd but if I can figure out what the last thing was that went wrong and fix that, it's like I can buck up and cope with everything else. Barring that, good friends will help you tough it out, every time.


  4. They say women live longer cos they make better friendships... I love my girlfriends!