Thursday, March 03, 2011

What are you reading...Pamela Stone? (with giveaway)

Harlequin American Romance Author Pamela Stone reveals what she is currently reading and confesses a secret.

First I have an admission. When I’m on deadline or working on a proposal, I seldom read. My brain becomes so immersed in whatever project I’m writing that reading is too much of a distraction. However I turned in a proposal to my editor at the end of January and have been taking time to breathe and actually catch up on some reading. I didn’t realize how much I miss reading. I’m loving it.

When I choose a book to read, strong characters are my thing. I want to fall in love with the hero and be able to relate to the heroine’s issues. I want to fall in love with the hero through the heroine’s eyes as the story unfolds. Great characters are more important to me even than the plot.

At the top of my ‘To Be Read’ pile was Primal Calling by Jillian Burns. Hot tortured hero. Alaska bush pilot. Sizzling chemistry and one of the sexiest covers I’ve run across. Hmm, maybe that’s why I put it at the TOP of the stack. Great read, but it’s also nice just to stare at the cover.

I next treated myself to Sea Swept by Nora Roberts. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve read this book through the years, but it is one of those stories that inspires me to be a better writer and create real life characters. Characters that jump off the page. The entire Chesapeake trilogy is great, but Sea Swept never fails to sweep me away. Cameron Quinn – be still my heart.

At a recent Library event, I was lucky enough to pick up a copy of Lorraine Heath’s latest book, Pleasures of a Notorious Gentleman. I’m just starting the book, but if it’s anything like her others, it will be a delightful read. Lorraine Heath has never failed to pull me in with her wonderful characters.

I also took time to read and proof my March release, Second Chance Dad. Funny that even after you write a book, by the time it makes its way through the process and becomes an actual book, reading it is almost like a visit with old friends.

Let us know what you’re reading and what you look for in a book. Do you look for plot? Cover? Characters? Earn a chance to win a copy of my March release, Second Chance Dad, leave a comment. Void where prohited.

Pamela Stone
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  1. Pamela, so nice to meet another Cameron Quinn junkie! May have to go and reread Sea Swept - fancy a sail on the Chesapeake Bay right now with a deliciously bad man. Definitely my favourite of Queen Nora's books - and I love all of them to bits.

  2. Characters definitely amke the book for me. If they don't draw me in, I won't feel so engaged by the plot/setting.

  3. Oh Heidi, I'm with you. I love all her books. I want to be Nora. Ha.

    Anonymous, I'm with you. Plot and setting are important, but without great characters, they just aren't enough.

  4. Hi Pamela,
    I've been reading quite a few Super Romance novels lately. I've just fallen in love with Sarah Mayberry and Margaret Watson. However thanks to this post I've dug out Last Resort: Marriage and it's next. Over on eHarlequin there is a challenge to read a Debut novel every month. I forget that I bought your book last summer. I don't have to go searching for a book this month.

  5. right now I'm reading The Lady Most Likely, A Novel in three parts by Julia Quinn, Eloisa James, and Connie Brockway. It's unusual in that there are 3 seperate stories by 3 different authors and yet they are all at the same country house party (this is a Historical)and there are not seperate books, they just go on to the next chapter and all 3 go into the POV of the hostess of the party. I'm loving it, of course. I bought it for Julia Quinn. Had never read the other 2 authors before. But I might give them a try now. My first love for pleasure reading is Historical, with my fave author being Mary Balogh.
    You don't have to put me in the drawing, I alrady have SECOND CHANCE DAD and LOVED it! No wonder it was a TOP PICK the Romantic Times Book review!

  6. Hi, Pam. I'm like you in that I have certain books I want to read and keep a TBR pile on my bedside table. Even if I get to read five minutes, that's five minutes more.

    Over the past five years, I've been involved in a book club. We throw in our selections and pick one each month. This means I may not know a specific author or anything about the book. What this has done is make me more open minded. Pretty much, I'll read anything now, except vampires and werewolves. :)

  7. Thanks Kaelee. I hope you enjoy Last Resort Marriage. It was a fun book to write for multiple reasons, but one was that it was set at the beach. Water is always a great escape in my world.

    Thanks Juliet, you have me blushing.

  8. Thanks for stopping by Vicki. Your book club sounds great. You don't like vampires and werewolves, but what excites you?

  9. At the moment i'm all into the paranormal, its the blurb on the back that will pull me to checking a page or two to see do I like the writing. Cheasapeak bay books were great, but of NR books I really like the the Circle trilogy especially Valley of silence.
    I think UK/Irl and US are lucky with a lot of the cover art that is issued, some of the european translations cover work is dreadful (check the french Harry Potter or stieg larson, and the german stieg larson...).

  10. Hi Sue. I don't read much paranormal, but I am drawn in by back cover blurbs. Although there are ghosts in many of Nora's books and I always enjoy them. I'll have to check out the Circle trilogy.

  11. Thanks everyone for stopping by. And the winner of a copy of Second Chance Dad is Sue! Send me your snail mail address and I'll get it in the mail.

  12. Hi Pamela,

    I'm halfway through your debut novel.
    Aaron is such a great hero. He is not rich but he is honorable. Charlie is still in denial about her attraction to him. Marriage of convenience stories are one of my favorites. Perry/Percy is a wonderful villain.

  13. Thanks, Kaelee. You made my day. The conversation between me and my editor when she called to make the offer was so funny regarding Aaron.