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Happy Sunday everyone!    Were you able to read anything wonderful this past week?  I was so busy working for people unable to come in either due either to illness or vacations.  Therefore, I wasn't able to read as much as I would like nor post pending reviews.

My mail box was full this past week......The Devil's Heart by Lynn Raye Harris, The Proud Wife by Kate Walker, Do Not Disturb by Anna Cleary, a trade size women's fiction and a book I can't mention because I'll be reviewing it for the Rom.Con Reader's Choice awards.

As I mentioned last week, I had finished Abby Green Secrets of the Oasis.  As the back blurb states, "shocking secrets of the sands!".  And let me just say shocking doesn't even describe them.  Because as a child he and his family were kidnapped and tortured and unbelievable things happened to this young man.

Secrets of the Oasis review, here

What people are saying about Secrets of the Oasis:

"wow.... hot.. hot... hot.   Great story with characters that simply jumped off the page.  Couldn't put it down.  Have I got a complaint.... yes.. Abby Green's next book is not out until September... Can't wait.."

"Absolutely fantastic! full of emotions and heartbreak as a man comes to terms with his childhood trauma....beautifully written as was the first one with Iseult and her Abbey Green's sensuality, emotions, heartbreak...the happy endings... "

Connected book, Breaking the Sheikhs Rules

I also mention in last Sunday's post, Maisey Yates The Inherited Bride.  This is Maisey's first sheikh.  This week on Facebook she mentioned she had sent another sheikh romance to her editor.  Is it just me or have you noticed more sheikh romances being written?  I find that interesting especially with all that's going on in the world.

My review of The Inherited Bride

Here's what people are also saying about The Inherited Bride:

"I thought this book was great and didn't drop it until i finished reading it."

" loved the characters and the way the hero and the heroine related to each other, also the passion and the way they fell in love was beautifully written"

To Tempt a Sheikh is the second book in Olivia Gates Pride of Zohayd series.  It was a most amazing sheikh romance and one I will long remember.  Action packed but it was their time spent at a most unusual oasis and how the author created their time together that I thought was so very special.

Here is my review of To Tempt a Sheikh and about the series.

Speaking of Olivia Gates, she has been on my mind because she resides in Egypt.  Sending a pray her way and to the people of her country.

With it being a very busy week for me between working and taking care of my mother after her eye surgery, my reading was somewhat limited.

However, I was able to read Kate Walker's The Proud Wife, a most amazing romance.  I believe it will be at the top of my Favorite Kate Walker romances.  A very intense romance about a short lived marriage due to communication problems, the loss of a baby and putting up walls.  Now two years later Pietro D'Inzeo demands his wife Marina return to Sicily to end their marriage and file for divorce. Full of desire, mutual attraction and a very emotional and roller coaster read.    My review of The Proud Wife posted here.

I had the opportunity to read my first 2 and 1 Cherish (Mills and Boon), Donna Alward's Honeymoon with the Rancher.  Another romance with the heroine always trying to please her parent, not really knowing who she was and finding out her fiance had a mistress.  It took real courage for Sophia the heroine to take a chance, pack up and go to Argentina to the Vista del Cielo, the ranch she was supposed to spend a week at on her honeymoon.  Well Sophia finds more than herself, she finds love in the arms of the very "sexy" Tomas Mendoza.

I sincerely loved this book and looking forward to reading Michelle Celmer's The Nanny Next Door.  What I love about these 2 and 1's is it gives the reader a chance to read a "new" author and Michelle is an author I haven't had the opportunity to read.

Late last night I finished Liz Fielding's Chosen as the Sheikh's Wife  It has so much warmth and humor.  Violet the heroine after the death of her grandmother puts her foot through the floor boards of the family's home and finds an ancient dagger.  Her friend and neighbor talks her into taking it on one of those antique road shows.  Of course it's not only worth a fortune it could cause havoc for a desert kingdom.

There was a part where Violet wraps it in bubble wrap and hides it in her freezer.  I've been there, done that with some jewelry I must admit so I had to chuckle.  I didn't make it to the safety deposit box before going on vacation and it was a place I hid some rings.

You won't want to miss Liz's "sheikh", it was a warm and wonderful romance.  I'll post the review next week as well

Becoming the Tycoon's Bride is a 2 and 1 with Patricia Thayer sharing her The Tycoon's Marriage Bid.  I'm looking forward to reading this one as well because Patricia is also a new author for me.  It takes place in Oregon which borders Washington State where I reside.  It seems to involve man determined to purchase the Flanagan business, an orchard and vineyard and I have a feeling he's going to encounter some problems, especially if there is a woman involved.


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