Monday, March 07, 2011

MALE ON MONDAY - Teenage Dreams

Today Fiona Harper 'fesses up to some of her teenage crushes and sees whether they stood the test of time...

Ah, those wonderful teenage years... Full of angst and hormones and many an unrequited crush. At least mine were jam-packed with unrequited crushes on boys close by and dashing heroes on my TV screen and on the posters on my bedroom wall. I was very shy as a child and any actual attempt by a real boy to talk to me normally resulted in copius blushing lots of stammering and then a little cloud of dust as I ran a mile in the other direction. The guys on the posters on my wall were a much safer option and, looking back, there was an innocent sweetness about that kind of yearning.

Crush no.1 - Pierce Brosnan

I had a little thing for Pierce waaay before he became 007. At 13 I was hooked on a show called 'Remington Steele', starring Mr Brosnan and Stephanie Zimbalist. The show was about a female private detective who had discovered that many of her clients were unhappy to hire a woman, so she invented a fictional male boss, Remington Steele, and later discovers an English con man has assumed Mr Steele's identity and they end up working together to solve cases. Look at that photo on the left - can you see why I was smitten?

The show had a will-they-won't-they element to the ongoing relationship between Laura and Remington that kept me hooked, and Pierce Brosnan's character was deliciously cheeky and debonair. Wish I could watch it all again and see if the show stands the test of time as well as its star has.

Crush no.2 - Timothy Dalton

When I was also 13, the BBC did an adaptation of Jayne Eyre starring Zelah Clarke as Jane and Timothy Dalton as Mr Rochester. Given, Mr Dalton is way too good-looking to be Edward Rochester, but he worked for me and set my little teenage heart a-fluttering.

I mean, what's not to like - a tall, brooding, long-legged hero in what continues to be one of my favourite love stories.

Crush no.3 - am I really going to admit to this?

Okay, deep breath, be brave... Every girl has to have one pop-star crush during her teenage years, doesn't she? Mine was Simon Le Bon from Duran Duran. Not that I admitted to it (much) a the time. It was something about his height and his long legs that got me. Don't ask me why I like tall guys. I'm five-three and looking up at them gives me a crick in the neck.

Anyway, I was totally enraptured by Mr Le Bon and his out-of-time dancing and obscure song lyrics.

So that's it - all my secrets out in the open, and considering two out of three of my teenage crushes went on to play James Bond, I don't think my taste in men was too bad back then! And I still count Rio as one of my favourite albums of all time (so sue me!).

But what about you? Who are your teenage crushes, and have they stood the test of time? Fess up!

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  1. I'm quite a bit older than you so my teenage crushes are older than yours. I was in love with Pat Boone while everyone else loved Elvis. I also loved the oldest brother, Adam(Pernell Roberts), on Bonanza. The youngest brother Little Joe (Michael Landon)was way more popular. I liked George Harrison of the Beatles the best ~ I thought he was so brooding. How any of the Beatles at that time could have been considered brooding, I don't know. My last secret crush which didn't last past my early teens was Prince Charles ~ I blame my granny's love of the Royals for this one.

  2. Fiona, you had remarkably good taste!! I still have a crush on Pierce Brosnan btw.

    The only crush I'll admit to was a massive one on Sting from The Police. I went to see them at the Rainbow in Finsbury Park and nearly passed out from pogo-ing too much. Then one day a few months later, on a lunch break from my Saturday job in Sainsbury's in Paddington I spotted him out walking in Kensington Gardens with his young son. I went up to him and told him about the concert and how I thought it was pretty good (thinking I was being super-cool). And he was an absolute sweetheart. We chatted for about 20 minutes about punk rock, the New Romantics, the Ska revival, etc, (me busy trying to remember every article I'd ever read in the NME and sound like I knew more about the music scene than John Peel). He signed the Steve Wonder record I'd just bought and never once asked me to piss off and stop stalking him. For years afterwards I was convinced I was going to marry him one day! Didn't quite work out that way, but I still love his music!

  3. I had a major crush on Timothy Dalton as Mr. Rochester, too! Watching the miniseries got me to really sit down and read JANE EYRE again--and learn to love it, as opposed to just reading it because I had to for a class. Of course, I love about any production of JANE EYRE.

    My teenage crushes tended to be athletes. I was big into the Olympics and Major League Baseball. (George Brett, Carlton Fisk, Bill Koch, Bart Conner, etc.) So much so that I started subscribing to SPORTS ILLUSTRATED.

    I suppose when it comes to actors, though, STARSKY AND HUTCH's Paul Michael Glaser made my teen heart palpitate. I also had big crushes on Nick Nolte and Peter Strauss from RICH MAN, POOR MAN.

    Julie Miller

  4. Fiona, Get the DVD and you can relive all those Remington Steele moments. Some of those episodes -- especially from the first season -- do hold up quite well.

  5. Anne is right - you should get the DVDs. The episodes do hold up very well.