Monday, March 21, 2011

Male On Monday: Male Ballet Dancers

Riva (Presents Extra) Author Kimberly Lang celebrates the male ballet dancer.

Today I celebrate the much-maligned, butt-of-numerous-jokes, often-sexually-questioned male ballet dancers.

Just let me say… HUMMINA!

I spent a good portion of my life surrounded by male dancers, and I can honestly say the ratio of gay to straight might be a little higher than in other professions, but it’s by no means a universal rule. And, honestly, I don’t care whether I rock his world or not because, he’s got a body To Die For, and that rocks mine.

I go to the ballet to drool. I appreciate the dancing, of course, but check out these pictures.

Look at the muscle definition.

Here’s a guy who’s strong,



and just pretty to look at.

Check out the chests,

the buns,

the thighs,

the calves.


Lots of boys may laugh about joining dance classes because that’s where all the girls are, but with bodies like *that* to look at, we girls are quite okay with it. Ballet class has scenery. Awesome scenery.


This Male On Monday post has nothing at all to do with Kimberly’s current release. She just likes the pictures. But GIRLS’ GUIDE TO FLIRTING WITH DANGER has a pretty hunky hero as well.


  1. Awesome! You should check out male figure skaters as well.

  2. OMG Kim, have been watching a show on BBC4 which is basically following the English National Ballet for a year, called the Agony and the Ecstasy. And can I just say, after watching it and becoming completely riveted on some of the most awesome male butts I have every seen in my life, it's a lot more ecstasy than agony in my house!

    Great post. And yeah, who cares about their sexuality when they look like that!

  3. Nice pics!! I'm not normally a lawyer lover but I loved Girl's Guide to Flirting with Danger - Devin totally changed my mind about lawyers! :)

  4. I sent a ton of pictures for this blog -- they were all so pretty I just couldn't choose!

    Kaelee -- I've be making a similar argument for male skaters -- not only are they strong and flexible and amazing, they are wearing blades on their feet and could easily slice you to bits. They have a danger aspect as well!

    Amy -- glad you liked the book!

    Heidi -- there should be more dance shows on TV (real ones, not that "With the Stars" crap). I find the visuals stunning...

  5. Men who can stretch this widely will go far in wife, er I mean life!

    1. Pas-de-chat, cha-cha-cha, pas-de-chat, cha-cha-cha
      pas-de-chat, cha-cha-cha-pas-de-chat, cha-cha-cha-pas-de-chat, cha-cha-cha-pas-de-chat, cha-cha-cha-----do you think this dance could catch on?

  6. Thanks :)))) Have a nice day :)))))