Sunday, March 06, 2011

Marilyn's Review Roundup

Thank you so much to the Pink Heart Society Team for asking me to share what I'm reading.

It’s been a week of  “sheikh” romances for me.  

Linda Conrad’s Silhouette Romance/Suspense The Sheik’s Lost Princess part of her Desert Son’s series..  It’s a reunion love story as they had a past and now Shakir is out to rescue his long lost love, Princess Nicole.  She’s been held captive by their ancient enemies.  However, what Sahkir doesn’t know is that Nicole has a son and he’s been kidnapped.  Could it possibly be his?  This has been a very intense series to read as their enemies are so evil.  

Due to it's intensity, I read a couple of chapters and then have to set it down.

Annie West and Jane Porter have teamed up together with the Sheikh’s Defiant Queen

In The Sheikh’s Chosen Queen, Jane Porter mesmerizes her readers with a magnificent and magical “sheikh” story, part of The Desert King series. It’s a bit of a reunion love story as nine years earlier, Jesslyn and Prince Fehr were lovers. They were brought together by a tragedy when Fehr’s two sisters and Jesslyn were in a horrible accident and the sisters were killed.

Trapped by desire and something else, you won’t want to miss Annie West’s The Desert King’s Pregnant Bride!  Sheikh Khalid Bin Shareef and Maggie Lewis were like “two star-crossed lovers” when they met one dark, blustery and rainy evening. They were meant to be but they didn’t know it.  I think my favorite part of this story was reading about all of the changes for Maggie making her  more confident as a person, and taking charge of her life.  Simply, a beautiful romance.

I’m reading Maisey Yates Mills and Boon Modern debut sheikh, The Inherited Bride.  Princess Isabella Rossi is the promised bride to his brother, the ruling Sheikh Hassan.  Adham has been sent to Paris to confront Isabella and bring her home to the desert to await her upcoming wedding because she’s runaway to try and find herself.   She’s been sheltered all of her life and she just wants a little time to due normal things like sightsee, shop, etc.   Adham is a tortured hero and it’s all about loyalty and his country.  However, he fights his attraction for Isabella every step of the way.  I wonder if he’ll betray his brother and take her to his bed?    Or will loyalty to his country and his only brother win out?  You'll be able to see my review sometime next week.

I finished reading Lynne Graham’s Flora’s Defiance part of her triology Secretly Pregnant. 

The charming and pretty English village of Charbury St. Helens is home to three young women whose Cinderella lives are about to be turned upside down….by three of the wealthiest, most handsome and impossibly arrogant men in Europe.

Flora’s sister and her husband have died in an accident, leaving behind a child and the very alpha brother-in-law Angelo has the baby at his estate in Amsterdam.  Flora has arrived and wants to adopt the child..  Angelo intimidates her, makes her feel and want things she doesn’t understand.   The chemistry between them is absolutely explosive.  It’s one smoking, hot romance!  And Flora is one stubborn redhead.  I can’t wait to read the final book, Jess’s Promise which comes out in April.

Two more dark and handsome sheikhs are waiting to tell me their stories. 

Abby Green’s Secrets of the Oasis her second sheikh romance.  Talk about a tortured royal but he still wants her in his bed!  This review will be also posted next week.
Olivia Gates Silhouette Desire, To Tempt A Sheikh, part of her Pride of Zohayd series.  Finished this fabulous book today and all I can say is their chemistry was immediate and you won't believe their time at an oasis.....blushing the two of them on a horse.  All I can say is that they were soul mates!

Trust me, both of these sheikhs so different but amazing!
What books are you looking forward to reading and what are you reading now?  Until next Sunday……….


  1. Looks like I have some reading to do. ;) Not my own of course...I already know what happens in that book, but I won't spoil it!

    Great post, Marilyn! And thank you!

  2. Marilyn, I'm so jealous of all the books you've managed to squeeze in lately! How terrific. I'm so glad, but not surprised, you enjoyed them.

    I've just had a treat finishing a book by India Grey and would love to sneak off to read the next book on the TBR pile, but sadly not today.

  3. Thanks Maisey and Annie. Next week is a short week for my reading due three days of working and my mom having surgery.

    You two ladies write lovely "sheikhs"!

  4. Marilyn - a fab kickoff to your new column! Hooray!

    You know, I never was a fan of sheikh books, but lately they've been growing on me! Maybe it's the fresh take on them or my own perspective, you know?

    I wish your mom best of luck with her surgery! Books are lovely to have while you're waiting...that and knitting. :-)