Saturday, February 12, 2011


Beth Cornelison joins WILD CARD WEEKEND to talk about the name game and her latest instalment in the Bancroft Brides books...

Happy February!

As I write this a massive cold front is bearing down on my part of the country...which means the rest of the nation is in deep freeze as well! What better time to snuggle up with a hot romance and leave Jack Frost to his devices?

This month marks the release of the third Bancroft Brides book, youngest sister Zoey's story. THE PRODIGAL BRIDE finds Zoey in a heap of trouble, and who else but her best friend Gage swoops in to save the day. I love a friends turned lovers story and Zoey, with all her quirkiness and energy and unpredictability was a blast to write.

A reader once asked me how I come up with names for my characters, so today I wanted to talk about how I named the Bancroft sisters.

I'll be honest, I don't always have a method or purpose behind my character's names other than finding names that sound good to me and seem to fit the characters when I start writing. But I decided I needed to be more intentional in choosing the names for the Bancroft sisters. Eldest sister Paige, as you may remember, was marrying a man she didn't love because she thought she was doing right by her father, the family business and fulfilling her duty. The name Paige means...a page, as in someone who is an attendant to another or a youth in training for knighthood. The meaning of her name echoed her feelings about her role in the family. She started off with a different name and it soon became clear it needed to be changed. What name was that? I can't even remember...that's how wrong the name was for her!

Holly, the middle sister, was born at Christmas time and loves all things Christmas. Her name, Holly Noel, brings to mind images of Christmas decor and celebrations. This was her name from the day I created her story many years ago and I never wavered from it.

Zoey's name means life. What better name for the youngest sister who loves to grab life by both hands and take a big bite? She's exuberant, emotional, daring...and totally lost. I wanted a name for her that captured all her color and drama. I loved the hard Zoey sound in her name. It reminds me of words like zip, zeal, zowie, zap... all words that crackle with energy.

So there you have it. The meaning and reasons behind the names of the Bancroft Brides. I hope you'll enjoy Zoey's story and much as I enjoyed writing it!

Have a great day and stay warm!!

Beth Cornelison-

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  1. Beth, I enjoyed the post and learning of your naming process.
    Can't wait to read your book!

  2. Thank you for the insight into the names . It is always interesting to know how authors pick the names of their heroes and heroines. I like the fact that you also research the meaning of the names before or after choosing them.