Saturday, February 05, 2011

Wild Card Weekend: Beat the Snow

This past week we had a major snowstorm. It involved lots and lots of the white stuff, many hours that my husband spent driving the snowblower around the driveway, I shoveled, and the fireplace got a workout as we were bundled inside during TWO snow days.

We are firmly entrenched in winter here in Nova Scotia, and we needed a little reprieve. I consoled myself with a bit of visual inspiration:

First of all...we haven't given up hope of a vacation down the road. This picture seemed to pretty much seal the deal for me:

But that won't happen for a while. And we do enjoy summer here so we started looking in a different direction:

Yeah, that's more like it! Warm lake, sunny days, kids in the back...NICE.

The only problem with both scenarios is that they cost $$$$. More than we have at the moment. So I actually made do with something else - cheap, immediate gratification, and best of all, enjoyable RIGHT NOW:

That's right. CAKE. Butter Pecan Cake. YUM.

Meanwhile, if you're looking to beat the winter blahs, you can pick up my latest release out from Harlequin Romance this month! PROUD RANCHER, PRECIOUS BUNDLE hits shelves on February 8! And don't forget to visit beginning on February 14 for the beginning of my online read, REMEMBER ME, COWBOY!


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