Thursday, February 10, 2011

What Are You Reading Thursday :: The Scandal Series!

Pink Heart Society editor Jenna Bayley-Burke is hooked! After attending a book launch party like a total fan girl, she devoured one book...and then the next...and the next!

Isn't reading the best thing? To escape into other worlds and times, experience a range of emotions, and when reading romance you can trust that the characters you've come to love will wind up with their happy ending. It's fabulous!

My current reading love is the Scandal Series by Delilah Marvelle. I don't read a lot of historical romance, but I will if I get a few reccomendations. These are not your grandmother's historicals! In the first book, Prelude to a Scandal, the hero is struggling to overcome sex addiction. It made me wonder if many men of the time who were known as rakes might actually be struggling with sex addiction. It also talks about the politics of homosexuality at the time. Domestic abuse, the rights of was as if a door was opened into parts of a world usually kept closed and bolted.

The stories aren't connected by characters, but a guide for women all the heroine's have titled How To Avoid A Scandal. Ettiquite books were quite prevalent at the time, usually written by men.

January brought the next installment, Once Upon a Scandal. Encompassing England and Venice, young lovers declare their devotion, and are then separated by a gulf of geography, scandal and shame. Again, this story doesn't detour from troubling topics. From syphilis to forced marriage, Venetian politics to the differences between a Cavaliere Servante and cicisbeo. At once deeply romantic and completely heartbreaking.

The final story in the trilogy, The Perfect Scandal releases on Tuesday. (I know what I'm getting myself for Valentine's Day!) I can't wait to find out what is in store for a romance dealing with Polish politics, secret heritiges, and the man who wrote the book that links the stories together, How To Avoid A Scandal.

Jenna Bayley-Burke is a best-selling author recently featured on Good Morning America. Kinda. Compromising Positions made the best seller list for Kindle for a few weeks, and GMA did their daily top ten list of Kindle bestselling ebooks and Compromising Positions made the list. But doesn't it sound better the first way? Keep up with Jenna's spin on things on her website & blog.


  1. Okay. I'm interested. I don't think I've read about these topics in a romance before. There is a HEA ~ right?

  2. VERY happily ever after :D The dark moments are a bit darker since they aren't external, but characters deciding if they can accept the faults and flaws of their love...great stuff.