Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pink Heart Picks: Red Wine and Her Sexy Ex

This month it was Modern Heat time - or in North America, Presents Extra. I eschewed books that have been on my tbr longer because, well, my tbr, my rules. I can tackle it how I want to. :-) Red Wine and Her Sexy Ex by Kate Hardy is a recent release and the first in a duo (and yes, I have the next book, Champagne With A Celebrity on my tbr, and haven't read it yet because I've been judging RITA books).


Her head says no!
Yes, Xavier Lefevre was still the most gorgeous guy Allegra had ever met. If it were possible, he'd got even tastier with age! But everything has changed since that long, hot summer affair years ago. This time it's strictly business - like it or not they both own the vineyard, and she isn't going to sell Xavier her piece of the label!

But her body screams yes!
Now she has two months to prove to him she'll make a great partner, and to persuade herself she doesn't need him in her bed. Yet who is she kidding? Even the thought is far too tempting, far too delicious...

When I picked this book, I mentioned that the idea of a romantic French vineyard was just the thing for a cold January and I was right! It's a lovely book full of sensual delights and with a lot of "Kate" in it. If you've read Kate's blog, you'll know she's very much into music and food and this story was chock-a-block full. Beautiful piano selections, wines I would love to taste, and al fresco lunches of bread and cheese that seemed perfect. Add in a hot hero, a determined heroine, TWO romantic settings - the countryside and Paris - she really couldn't miss. She hit me in all the right spots. :-) It was a refreshing delight and I was sorry I had to wait to read the next - it won't languish on my tbr for long!

But I'm going to pick something different for next month. We're going to switch gears and lines and head into Love Inspired territory. In particular - Jillian Hart territory. The pick for March is A MCLASKIN HOMECOMING! You can download it HERE as it is an older release that has been brought out in e-format.


  1. The atmosphere in Red Wine and Her Sexy Ex is lovely. I loved the French setting.

  2. I liked the French setting too - it was a lovely antidote to the weather here and the couple were great for each other!

  3. I love Kate Hardy's voice. I loved the vineyard setting. I really liked how Allegra tried to do the right things to help Xavier. I too will be reading Guy's story. Perfume just goes with France and vineyards. Guy seems to have a healthier view of life and love than Xavier did despite the fact he's been married and divorced.

  4. Amanda - thank you, and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    Alison - thank you. It was an antidote to the weather here when I wrote it, too! ;o)

    Kaelee - thank you. Glad you enjoued it, and I hope you enjoy Guy's story :o)