Monday, February 21, 2011


Silhouette Desire author Tessa Radley decides to see how the bits of a whole lot of gorgeous males work together.

Romance writers are always looking for the perfect alpha male. So what romance writer—or reader—wouldn't sit up and take notice on reading that shave cream company Bluebeard's Revenge found that:
"Our research of 2,000 voters revealed that the most rugged alpha male on Earth would have the wisdom of George Clooney’s silvery hair, the piercing eyes of Gerard Butler, the chiseled nose of Brad Pitt, the concrete jawline of Jason Statham, and the licenced-to-kill body of Daniel Craig."

Daniel Craig…YES YES YES…pure alpha. Ever since I saw Casino Royale this image of Daniel Craig has been sitting in my files. Inspiration, of course. It worked pretty well. I have the hero and the story to go with it. The heroine, too. But there are still a couple of plot kinks to iron out, so for now the photo—and the story—stay in my hard-drive.

I'd never considered Brad Pitt's nose before…but maybe I should. George Clooney figures on a lot of women's Gorgeous Guy lists. So I won't argue there. And Gerard Butler has great eyes…but I'd argue that Daniel Craig's are every bit as glorious.

But this is what Bluebeard's Revenge decided the guy they dubbed Bradiel Buthney, a composite of the famous features looked like:

So is the sum of the parts better than the original? My first reaction was wow…look at those eyes. Then I got more critical. Daniel Craig is pretty damn good just as he is. And, I have to admit, my manliest man would be more dangerous looking. I'd prefer him to be confronting the camera head-on (he has to be looking at me, see?). Less smile, more…well, alpha. Stubble, rather than a beard. Maybe a bit of Richard Gere as Zack Mayo thrown in there. And maybe higher cheekbones and all that intensity of the young Daniel Day Lewis.

So what's your opinion? Does Bradiel do it for you? Who would YOU pick to contribute eyes, hair, smile…and, of course, body…for the sum total of your manliest male on Monday?

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  1. But the man who came closest to this ideal is here

  2. LOL Tessa, your post made me chuckle... No mean feat first thing on a Monday morning with the kids out of school for a whole week on their half-term hols!!

    As for my perfect alpha male, have to admit I prefer the whole man (with all his minor imperfections) than the sum of perfect parts, if you know what I mean! Plus Bradiel looked like a bit of a twit!

  3. Brigid...million-dollar question--is he YOUR ideal?

    Heidi glad I made you laugh! And I groan at the idea of halfterm hols. Mine have only just gone back to school...summer holidays were waaaay too long.

    I remember waaay back seeing the pic of the perfect woman. Had the nose of Dolly Parton, the hair of Farrah Fawcett and the gorgeous blue eyes of Crystal Gale. Yet she lacked personality...

    Gimme Daniel Craig (or Daniel Day-Lewis!) any day.


  4. Roger Moore, Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan together with Daniel Craig. But not this...Bradiel Buthney! No way!

  5. Bradiel ~ This is not a composite picture I like. The hair doesn't go with the beard IMHO.
    I don't know why we have to have an ideal male. I think a person's imperfections are what makes them really interesting.

  6. LOL. Nas, I like your taste in men!

    Kaelee, I'm with you. I like imperfections too--they give character!

  7. kaelee, you're my winner this time.

    Send me your details and pick one of my books and I'll send it to you.

    Thanks all for visiting!

    See you soon.