Tuesday, February 08, 2011

CRAFTY CORNER TUESDAY: Crafting Characters

Tawny Webber joins Crafty Corner Tuesday with a handcrafted giveaway and to talk about crafting characters with her Top Ten Archetypes

I’m super jazzed this week because I’m celebrating the release of my tenth book, BREAKING THE RULES! On top of that, I get to hang out here with the Pink Heart ladies, which is always a fun privilege J Since Tuesdays are about the craft of writing here, and I’m in full celebrational mode, I thought I’d combine the two and talk about Archetypes.

My favorite archetype book is THE COMPLETE WRITER’S GUIDE TO HEROES AND HEROINES: SIXTEEN MASTER ARCHETYPES by Coden/LaFever/Viders. It’s a fabulous reference. I will admit, I don’t tend to use it before I write in crafting my characters, but I do use it after they are written to get a stronger handle on them before I revise. Never yet has a character completely fit into a single archetype, but then, neither do we as people. But like us, the characters do tend to be predominantly this or that. Here are the Heroic archetypes mentioned in this book:









The roles are pretty self-explanatory, but I do really recommend taking a look at the book for the in-depth analysis and ideas it offers.

Using that list, I took a look at the heroes of my first ten books:

· Jesse Martinez in Double Dare: The PROFESSOR

· Dante Luciano in Does She Dare?: The BAD BOY

· Nick Angel in Risqué Business: The CHARMER

· Mitch Carter in Coming on Strong: The CHIEF

· Reece Carter in Going Down Hard: The WARRIOR

· Dexter Drake in Feels Like the First Time: The BEST FRIEND

· Sebastian Lane in You Have to Kiss a Lot of Frogs: The CHARMER

· Alex Maddow in Riding the Waves: The CHARMER (I was on the fence with this one)

· Tyler Ramsey in A Babe in Toyland: The BAD BOY

· Maximillian St. James in Breaking the Rules: The WARRIOR

This list actually surprised me, since I tend to gravitate toward Bad Boy heroes and would think that’s what I wrote the most.

Is there an archetype that you love to read? If you write, is there one that you tend to write more than others? If so, is it the one you love to read? What do you think of using archetypes?

To celebrate the release of BREAKING THE RULES, I’m giving away some Valentine’s treats to one lucky commenter today! A hand-crafted (by me) heart-shaped tin filled with candy, and a book of the winner’s choice from my backlist!

Be sure and check out my upcoming party!

Valentines Party!

I’m so excited that my tenth release, BREAKING THE RULES, is on shelves now! I loved writing this story, because it focuses on something near and dear to my heart – a Military Hero (my own hero-hubby was in the Army). Even more fun was making this a Valentine’s story, complete with hearts and flowers.

To celebrate, I’m having an invitation-only Valentine’s Day Party! Including:

© A downloadable short story written just for this party as a door prize for everyone who attends

© A sexy Top Ten to wind up my Top Ten tour: Ten Tips for a Hot Valentine’s Night

© One lucky person will win a Valentine’s Basket!

All you have to do to join the fun is go to the Breaking the Rules Valentines Party page on my website, and let me know you’d like an invitation!


What do you get when you mix a military hero on a mission with an independent artist hell-bent on proving something? A battle that can only be won between the sheets.

Sophia Castillo is finally calling the shots in her life, and she’s determined to stay in charge. The last thing she needs is a babysitter. Not even a babysitter as sexy as US Army Sergeant

First Class and EOD Squad Leader, Maximillian St. James. But when someone is sabotaging her art gallery, she turns to Max for help. When he proves to be a challenge to her independence, she lays down their relationship rules. Hot sex, good times and a lot of laughs are all good. Anything involving their hearts is strictly off limits. Before they catch the vandal, Max and Sophia both have to decide just which rules they are willing to break, and how high a price they are willing to pay.

Tawny Weber is usually found dreaming up stories in her California home, surrounded by dogs, cats and kids. When she’s not writing hot, spicy stories for Harlequin Blaze, she’s shopping for the perfect pair of boots or drooling over Johnny Depp pictures (when her husband isn’t looking, of course). Come by and visit her on the web at www.tawnyweber.com


  1. Tawny,

    Congrats on book number 10! And thanks for mentioning the Writer's Guide - I am always fascinated by the different ways writers use it!

  2. HI Tami :-) Well, I'd be a lot happier with myself if I'd spelled your name correctly in the blog post! I'm so sorry about that. And I love the book - it's a fabulous tool and one I'm always fascinated to read again. I find new insights and ideas every time :-)

  3. I have a variety of writing books, but no one in particular I prefer.

    reading_frenzy at yahoo dot com

  4. Hmm... I'm torn--I like the Warrior a LOT, but I also am a huge fan of the Best Friend and the Bad Boy :) I guess that's one reason I love reading though--I CAN have 'em all :D Congrats on 10, Tawny! Here's to the next 10!

  5. Hey Tawny,
    Congrats on your tenth release. I think I have a thing for The Chief. I like that take charge attitude.

  6. Hi Tawny,

    I love the bad boys or the reformed rakes.

  7. Hi LuAnn. I enjoy writing books. Usually when I read one, I always find something new or get a solid reminder that I need to push me through whatever my current challenge.

  8. Fedora :-D You have great heroic tastes LOL. Isn't it interesting how we think we're drawn to a specific type, but then when we really consider it, we realize there are a few, or lots, that attract us?

    Like you say, that's the fab thing about romance novels -so many heroes to enjoy :-D

    And thanks so so much!!! I appreciate the congrats.

  9. Hi Jane, and thank you!!! My CP, Beth Andrews, gravitates to the Chief, too. I love reading those strong heroes!

  10. Hi Kaelee :-D

    Oh yeah, I hear ya! That bad boy is soooo sexy, isn't he? And a reformed rake? Yum.

  11. Hey Tawny,

    Couldn't decide on just one type,
    that seems to be a habit for me.
    (Is that a bad problem for me?)
    Anyway, It's a toss up between
    the Bad Boy and the Warrior in
    my reading life!

    Pat Cochran

  12. Pat, I think loving more than one type is a good thing *g* All those options, all those men. Yum :-D And Bad Boys and Warriors? Double and Triple yum!!!

  13. Pageturner, those professor types can be really sexy :-) I still think The Professor on Gilligans Island was the hottest of the guys LOL

  14. And the Random Number Generator chose... Kaelee :-) You're the winner.

    If you'll email me at tawny@tawnyweber.com with your shipping info and which of my books you'd like, I'll get that mailed out to you right away :-D

    Congrats - and thanks so much to everyone!!