Saturday, January 08, 2011

WILDCARD WEEKEND: Christina Hollis - Bring on the Summer!

Presents author Christina Hollis joins Wildcard Weekend in a search for the sun...

Wicked wintry weather arrived here at the end of November, which is early for the UK. We live in the middle of nowhere, so we were snowed off the roads for the best part of three weeks and we can expect at least a couple more months of bitter cold winds and leaden skies. Each year we long for snow, but when it arrives there’s always too much and it’s in the wrong place! If only it fell on Friday nights or just before public holidays, and then disappeared from all the roads and pavements by the time everyone had to go back to work, that would be brilliant. There wouldn’t be any traffic chaos, and because the snow would still be looking pretty in all the places we didn’t need to worry about, we’d cheer up and let ourselves enjoy the scenery.

I hope it’s not too late to wish you a Happy New Year, although Christmas already seems a long time ago. The moment the winter break is over, supermarkets start putting out chocolate Easter eggs, and travel operators start advertising their summer getaways. It’s very tempting to grab all the brochures and trawl the Internet in search of some sun, but the economic climate isn’t good and spending days on the floor of an airport isn’t my idea of fun. Having said that, I’m hoping to visit New York this summer for the RNA meet. That’s my holiday heat and excitement booked, whether or not the sun shines! For the rest of 2011 I’ll be escaping by daydreaming about the sun-drenched setting of my latest work in progress. As for a holiday, there may be a few trips out and about, especially to the village where OH and I spent our honeymoon, a long time ago. We loved the area so much, we moved here a few years later so we could enjoy it all year round. There’s a lovely little restaurant nearby where they serve local food beside a roaring log fire in winter, and outside on warm evenings during summer. When I’m in the company of the most gorgeous man in the world, it’s heaven. Where there’s romance, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve travel twenty miles or halfway around the globe. It doesn’t even matter what the weather is like!

What’s the most romantic getaway you’ve enjoyed?

Christina Hollis writes Modern Romance for Harlequin Mills and Boon. Her latest book, The Master of Bella Terra in on sale in the US in January as a Harlequin Presents Extra. Catch up with Christina on her website,,




  1. Hey Christina, it's great to hear you're thinking of going to the Big Apple - hopefully you'll have enough time to spare to explore it as well!

    Well, when it comes to romantic getaways, I think my long weekend in the Lake District last spring is up there with the best! Both my OH and I had been having a rough time at work, but he's such a sweetheart that he got off work early one Friday and took me on a magical mystery tour up to a beautiful little hotel on the shore of one of the biggest lakes. Three wonderful nights later, suddenly work didn't seem so bad anymore!

    Lucy xx

  2. Thanks for your comment, Lucy. The Lake District is a wonderful place to go and forget your troubles, isn't it? All those long walks, with plenty of places to stop and drink in the atmosphere.
    I hope you and your OH have a much better time at work during 2011!