Thursday, January 20, 2011

What are you Reading Thursday: Terri Reed

Terri Reed here.  Not only am I knee deep in the throes of a deadline (book due March 1) but I’m in the middle of reading several books... yes, I read more than one book at a time.  I keep one by my bedside, one in the car, and one in the living room.  I can’t stand to not have something to read! 

But the most recent book that I finished (it’s hard to recommend a book until you’ve hit the last page) is The Cowboy’s Convenient Bride by two-time recipient of Romance Writers of America’s RITA Award and finalist for Affaire de Coeur’s Best Up-and-Coming Romance Author Wendy Warren.

I have to say it was a fabulous story with endearing characters that made me laugh, cry and root for them as they skirted around their feelings until finally risking their hearts to love. Wendy’s use of language and imagery really brought this story to life. Full of angst and joy, this was a heartwarming and enjoyable read.
Hungry Ranchers? Messy House? Filthy Barn? I’m your woman...
Claire Dobbs needed a job—and she needed it yesterday. But when the single mother of three arrived at Pine Road Ranch, she didn't expect to be greeted by six-foot-plus of scowling, growling cowboy….

After being injured in a bullfight, all Fletcher Kingsley wanted to do was slink home to Honeyford, Oregon, and lick his wounds. The former rodeo champ didn't need a housekeeper. He needed a wife! It was either that—or forfeit his beloved family home.

It would be a cold day in Honeyford before Fletcher ever got hitched. But having the pretty, spirited widow and her lively brood underfoot could change a man's mind in a hurry. Especially when sweet Claire started him thinking about home and hearth…and love?

Daughter of Texas on sale NOW!  Book 1 of the Texas Ranger Justice: Keeping the Lone Star State safe.

Duty, Honor...LOVE?

Texas Ranger Ben Fritz would give his life to protect Corinna Pike.  After all, she’s his captain’s beloved daughter-and the only witness to her father’s murder.  When the assassin targets Corinna, Ben dedicates himself to her safety...while keeping his distance.  The beautiful ballerina deserves better than a rough-and-tough ranger.  Yet Corinna refuses to ignore the draw between them, just as she refuses to give in to fear as danger grows.  Ben will need her courage-and love-to guide him through the line of fire when the killer strikes again.


  1. Tat soundsvery interesting, I just so love a good romance. I'm reading an ARC of Lutisha Lovely's All up in my business.

    The only thing better than receiving a nice review is receiving one from an author whose work I respect so much.


    Now, get to work on that deadline, madam! I'm right behind you with one on March 11th.


  3. Terri,
    Wendy's book sounds wonderful. I'll have to take a look.

  4. One can never go wrong with a Wendy Warren book. I've downloaded it to my Nook, but won't get to it until this weekend. Loved Daughter of Texas too. What a duo you two are.