Monday, January 24, 2011

Male on Monday:Rufus Sewell

Sometimes you just know-- Michelle Styles makes the case for Rufus Sewell as hero inspiration

Anyone who saw the recent BBC adaptation of Zen (I believe it will becoming to PBS Masterpiece in the Summer/autumn) had to be impressed with the sheer magnetism of Rufus Sewell.
Rufus Sewell is one of those actors who when you see him, you go -- oh yes, I'd forgotten about him.Isn't he good?  At 40-something, he has been around for awhile and his looks have matured like fine wine. From the curls and dimples of The Knight's Tale and  Dangerous Beauty to the lean planes of Zen.
His looks have been described as mischievous and he brings a certain playfulness sexiness to his roles. He appears to have a keen sense of humour but there is also a sudden intensity as befits a Scorpio. he does not appear to take himself too seriously but there are certain things that are non negotiable. Amiable and charming, but also wants his own way.
His private life is complicated. He has been married twice and is currently separated. He has one child. His father was an Australian animator who died young. He went to drama school in the late 80s and has said that the one thing he brings to his roles is the ability to change. He is very much a working actor and has taken roles in both live theatre, movies and television. He has also played a wide range of roles from villains to heroes and those more intriguing characters who are neither one nor the other.
But he does Venetians really well, and if you are looking for a playful alpha, Rufus Sewell might provide inspiration.

Michelle Styles writes historical romance for Harlequin Historical. Her new UK and US release is The Prefect Concubine in February 2011. You can read more about Michelle Styles's book on her website at


  1. Rufus! Delish! Makes Monday morning almost bearable. Thanks Michelle!

  2. Love him in Zen! Don't care about all the complaints about language and plot holes, I'm too busy looking at him!
    He was also fab in american tv series Eleventh Hour! x

  3. Nice choice Michelle, thought Mr Sewell looked gorgeous in Zen.

    Met a theatrical producer yesterday who had met him (because her sister had a supporting role in one of the episodes of Zen). He showed them round Rome during filming and was even more gorgeous in real life, apparently!! That's what I call inspiration!

  4. I am glad you all approve.

    Heidi -- when I chose him, I thought you'd approve.
    It is good to know that he is even more delish in real life.

    I watched Dangerous Beauty at the weekend. Talk about lovely!

  5. Thanks Michelle, a dreamworthy start to the week! xx

  6. Even more delish in real life . . yep! Smiling smugly at the memory of a very close up view when Mr Sewell played Macbeth in Sheffield some years ago. But if you'rte only discovering him in Zen then you need to do some catching up . . . Middlemarch (a fabulous Will Ladislaw) A Knight's Tale (Heath who?) The Woodlanders . . And you really must - *must* - see him in ablack eyeliner, knee high boots and a mini skirt as Petruchio in Taming of the Shrew in Shakepeare Re-Told . . . think I'll have to watch that DVD again.

  7. I think he is simply gorgeous! I even named the hero in my second book after him, picturing him as I wrote. It made the writing so much easier.


  8. Oooh Kate, the thought of him as Petruchio has got me all a'quiver! Will have to go buy that DVD pronto.

  9. Luv, Luv Rufus Sewell ever since Middlemarch. He just gets better with age. My friends and I were just talking about him yesterday, about his performance in Dangerous Beauty. I saw him perform on stage in Tom Stoppard's play Rock & Roll, and all I could think of was how talented and good-looking he was!

  10. I am so pleased other people agree that Rufus Sewell hero inspirational material!