Thursday, December 09, 2010

Thursday Soundtracks - Films

Brigid Coady is talking about her favourite film soundtrack

We all talk about making soundtracks for our books, how different music helps to underline the personal journey our characters go on. But of course we got this idea from the movies. The great thing about a good film soundtrack is that it adds so much to the film that if you saw the film without it it would be so much less.

A good soundtrack can drive the film on and make it more scary, more romantic... just more.

Think about it. Jaws without the music isn't scary at all and neither is Psycho.

I have to admit that I own very few movie soundtracks. In fact there are two in particular that stand out in my collection.

Bullitt and Twilight.

Bullitt is a completely class instrumental soundtrack composed by Lalo Schifrin (who also composed the Mission:Impossible theme). I was watching the film recently and realised that sometimes less is more. In the famous car chase I could have sworn that the music played through it but it doesn't. They use the music to build up the tension and during the actually chase the sound of the engines is all that is needed (oh and the streets of San Francisco and Steve McQueen)

(this is a long clip with music at beginning.... but watch the WHOLE thing if you can *swoon*)

Twilight - how much do I love this soundtrack? Let me count the ways *grins*
I didn't realise how much the first film is made better by its soundtrack and how much the music drives it until I saw the second film. 
In that first film from the very beginning the music moved me. Now I have never been a fan of or even heard some of the music that was in it but soon after I was converted. I have found that the music is also great to write to. Something about it pops the seal on my creativity and I find that scenes flow and my pacing is better (what more could you ask for?)

Just a few treats for you (visual and aural).

So what are your favourite movie soundtracks??

Brigid has been in Dubai visiting family and finishing her revisions on the YA novel 'The Stone Voice'. She has also entered it in the Golden Heart awards (please sprinkle fairy dust in its direction)


  1. Oh, gosh, can I admit to these? Obviously, I have the soundtrack to Dirty Dancing. (Who hasn't?) But then I got the music to Sister Act and for the kids, The Lion King.

  2. I love the soundtrack to Grosse Point Blank, its a great soundtrack to drive by!
    The soundtrack to 10 things I hate about you is also pretty good, a lot of indie girl rock!
    I'm right there with you for Twilight, and the follow up movies, I think the mix of big names and newer bands works really well - in New Moon I really think that 'Possibility' was fabulouse, for a background of time passing.

  3. Biddy, you bad girl, you distracted me from my latest with those clips... Like I needed any help with that!!

    Favourite soundtracks...? Thelma and Louise, Lone Star and American Graffiti are a few of mine that spring to mine.

  4. Sorry to be late to my own party but have been flying back from Dubai (tough life!).

    Nicolette - completely with you on Dirty Dancing!!

    Sue - Oooo Grosse Point Blank is a good'un as is 10 Things I Hate About You. I tried to buy that on iTunes but it isn't listed :-(

    Heidi - What can I say? *evil grin*

  5. My favorite, Notting Hill, Miss Potter, Dirty Dancing...
    Fun post. Thanks Brigid.