Friday, December 03, 2010

Must-Watch Friday - Trashy TV

We all have out guilty pleasures. Today Fiona Harper confesses to those that involve being draped over the sofa with a glass of white wine and some chocolate.

We've all watched them, haven't we? Reality shows and soap operas, talent contests and bad movies, but now and again a girl needs her trashy telly, and I have a theory as to why:

Recently, I watched a DVD of a marriage seminar by
Mark Gungor, and he had some interesting (and very funny) things to say about men's brains and women's brains and the different ways they work. You can have a peek, if you like:

Apparently, men think in compartments. Their brains are made up of boxes, all containing just one subject, and when they want to discuss a subject, they take the box out, talk only about what is in that box, and then they carefully put it back, before they take out the next one.

Now, this may not come as a surprise to those of you who are married, but men also have a box with nothing in it. When they need to unwind, they retreat into that box. Ever seen a man flick mindlessly through the TV channels, never stopping on anything for more than a few seconds, a blank look on his face? Yep. He's in his nothing box. It's his way of unwinding.

Us girls are wired completely differently! Our brain is more like a big ball of wire. Everything is connected to everything. We like thinking about how things are related to each other. And this is where I think so-called "trashy" TV comes in.

Personally, I have a few reality shows I really enjoy. I tend to like the ones where people are competing for something or learning new skills. I like to see who surprises me, who disappoints me, who falls apart at the first hurdle and who digs deep and shows inner grit. Most of all I like watching the contestants relate to each other. I get involved in their battles and shout back at the TV. I cheer them on when they do well and sniff when my favourites fail.

I like giving my opinions and setting the world to rights as I watch my trashy TV. I'm watching relationships - but they're not my relationships, so that makes them non-draining. I'm watching drama and conflict - but it's not my drama and conflict, and sometimes it's nice to stand back from an objective distance and work out the solutions for other people rather than struggle to find my own.
Every day life can often be draining and demanding, but at the end of one of my trashy TV shows, I can turn the TV off and walk away, a sense of peace and well-being at having put the world to rights - at least the little square world that lives in the corner of my sitting room.

Fiona's award-winning debut novel, Blind-Date Marriage, is being re-released as part of the anthology, Blind-Dates and Other Disasters, in the UK in January 2011!

All Serendipity Dove wants is a little normality in her unconventional life, and a nice husband to provide her with two-point-four children sounds like the perfect antidote! So she goes on a blind date and meets Jake, who ticks all the right boxes - especially the one labelled 'chemistry'.
However, she's too busy falling in love to notice that, way down in the small print, the 'ready for commitment' box is glaringly empty...


  1. I really liked the bit with men in their nothing box, lol, so true!

    All the best for the re-release of you debut novel.

  2. My current trashy tv fave is the sitcom 'Two and Half Men'. Charlie Sheen is such a tabloid sleaze but he plays a sleazy character on the show so it fits.