Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Classic Barbara Wallace

Barbara Wallace joins the Pink Heart Society to talk about what makes holidays classic...

You’re a mean one, Mister Grinch. You really are a heel….

When I was a kid, Christmas specials were must-watch television. I still remember sitting in my parents’ den, wearing my pajamas and eating popcorn while Fred Astaire told me the story of Santa Claus. I remember believing every word and thinking the Burgermeister Meisterburger was the meanest man in the world. I remember being scared by the Abominable Snow Monster and getting teary-eyed when Rudolph left Hermey and Cornelius behind. (Although truthfully, I never warmed up to Cornelius; he was too loud for me. I liked his dogs though. I remember wanting to adopt Max, the Grinch’s dog. And who here remembers Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol? Did the ghost of Christmas future scare the bejesus out of you too?

As an adult, I couldn’t wait to introduce my child to these specials. Oh sure, by then there were dozens of other Christmas cartoons by then – things with Shrek and Rugrats, but to me they couldn’t hold a candle to singing along with Heat Miser. Apparently my son thought the same thing. Maybe it was my influence and enthusiasm, or maybe it was innocence of these early cartoon, but he loved them as much as I did. I got to relieve my childhood through his eyes as he hid from the Snow monster and danced to Schroeder’s piano.

Now my son is almost seventeen. You’d think we as a family would have outgrown watching these cartoons, but nope. They are still must watch television every Christmas season. Only now we get to enjoy them with a teenager’s point of view. For example, did you know that Jessica in Santa Claus is Coming to Town is “hot”? She is, according to my son. So is Clarice. She’s the babe of reindeers. The toys on the Island of Misfit Toys would be wicked cool to own. After all, who wouldn’t want a gun that shoots jelly? Though none of us can figure out what on earth is wrong with the doll. (Who is also cute, by the way.) Cindy Lou Who is away too precocious, and Cornelius is annoying – though his dogs are great. (Sometimes the apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree.)

Needless to say, his commentary has given my childhood memories a whole new spin.

But regardless, our whole family is gathered around the television in our pajamas, eating popcorn, and I couldn’t ask for more. And maybe, just maybe that’s the real appeal of these specials for me – the way they can bring a family together even if only for sixty minutes. In a world where everyone is coming and going in ten different directions, that accomplishment is special indeed.

No wonder the Grinch’s heart grew three sizes.

Barbara Wallace’s Christmas present arrived early this year when her first solo category romance, The Cinderella Bride appeared on the shelves.

Secretary Emma O’Rourke keeps her head down and works hard. Now, summoned to bring back the heir of Kent Hotels, she suddenly has to step out of the shadows…

Unshaven and jaded, Gideon Kent has been sailing the world too long. As he docks, he’s surprised to find Emma waiting for him.

Until now he’s refused to resume the role he was born for…but the oh-so-diligent and pretty Miss O’Rourke might just change his mind while showing Emma that Prince Charming really does exist!


  1. That's a beautiful cover, Barbara. Congratulations on your first solo!

  2. I'm with you Christina this cover makes me swoon! Soooo gorgeous. And the story looks even better! Congrats Barbara:-)

  3. Aw Barbara, Christmas TV memories... I'm afraid mine are all British and mostly involve Morecambe and Wise making Glenda Jackson wear hobnail boots, but I'm gonna be reminiscing about some of my favourite Christmas movies on Friday this week, so your post has got me right in the mood.

    Heidi x

  4. Thanks Christina and Mira - I fell in love with the cover soon as I saw it.

    Heidi - I just watched Blackadder's Christmas Carol last night - We don't limit our Christmas specials to just the US versions. Can't wait to read what movies you mention.