Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Temptation Tuesday - Sick Days and Duvet Days

Here in the northern hemisphere days are getting shorter, the weather is getting cold and rainy and the inevitable cold virus and flu bugs are doing the rounds.

I have been struck with my first cold of the season and this last week I have been battling with the biggest temptations of all. My sofa, my duvet and the complete Buffy and The Vampire box set. I know I should be doing my tax return or writing but when your head is woolly and you're hugging a box of tissues to you like they are your best friend then I will admit I am weak. I gave in. It was blissful. Luckily I had looked like death warmed up at work so when I called in sick it wasn't unexpected. The fact I sounded like Honor Blackman (without the black leather cat suit) also helped.

I wasn't at death's door. I will hold my hand up. But I also knew that the next day I had too much stuff on at work not to be fighting fit. So I took the day. And what a day it was. OK so I was coughing a lung up and everything was a bit fuzzy but it was a without guilt day of being good to me. And I will admit I haven't been doing that very often recently… which probably explains the cold!

You don't always have to be battling a cold to give in to a 'duvet day'. Sometimes you look out of the window and see grey skies and think how much nicer it would be if you didn't have to go outside and deal. That you can sit in your rattiest clothes snuggled up with completely unhealthy foods and indulge in great or even not so great TV. It is a time to put life on stand by and just be. Some companies allow you to have them and of course if you are self employed you can take them as long as you don't mind not getting paid and aren't already booked for stuff.

Of course it doesn't do to have more than two duvet days in a row. That starts to look a little too much like heading into crazy depressed territory. Take that day, feel no guilt, gorge yourself and then when you wake up the next day you can spring (ok fall) out of bed and face the rest of the week knowing that you have spent a little time on yourself.

Brigid has pulled herself off the sofa and is currently revising her YA. Her story 'The Great Leap Forward' is in Even More Tonto Short Stories


  1. You can always 'visit the well' while you're wrapped in that duvet and top up your imagination, Brigid.
    Have you tried echinacea? It's good, although chicken soup feels much more comforting.

  2. Christina - Yes, did a bit of 'visiting the well'. Have tried echinacea, but sometimes just sleep helps.

  3. Definitely prefer to take the duvet day without the cold... And with Pierce Brosnan...

    H x

  4. You forgot to mention the carbo loading that a duvet requires, preferably with lots of cake-like items!
    Buffy, yes, definitively, but also Firefly series... duvet and Captain Reynolds... and the great romance that was Wash and Zoe!

  5. Heidi - would have preferred to be without the cold but a duvet day was a duvet day!

  6. Sue - Ahhhh the carb loading. I took that as read. And yes Firefly is another good series.