Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pink Heart Picks - Pleasure for Two

This month's pick was Pleasure for Two by Pamela Yaye from the Kimani Romance line.

From the back cover: Still stung from her ex-husband's betrayal, Dominique King has vowed never again to let a man play her for a fool. But everything changes the night she meets flat-out gorgeous Marcel Benoit. With one smoldering glance and that sexy accent…Dominique's hooked. And for the first time in her life, she's letting passion rule her heart—and loving it!

From the moment he opens the door to Dominique, Marcel knows he has to have her. The ambitious Ph.D. student may be new to the U.S., but that doesn't stop him from pursuing the stunning, sassy banker. Sharing kisses on a sun-drenched tropical beach, Marcel and Dominique's dream of love is almost within reach. But long-held secrets threaten to darken their paradise. Unless they can learn to trust in themselves…and in each other….

How many of you read this book - or have read any of the Kimani line? I'll confess that this is my first Kimani, and I had our interview with Kimani editor Kelli Martin on my mind as I was reading. I remember Kelli saying that Kimani romances are AA romances but also with a universality that would make them stories for any reader. With the exception of a few cultural slang words, she was absolutely right. :-)

This book is part of the Kimani Hotties series and it really was hot! Not just the sex scenes - which were smokin' - but the language itself is very sensual. What you have here is high stakes fantasy - sizzling attraction, glamorous lifestyles. Marcel is a grad student but on his way to a prestigious career. Dominique is a successful single woman with great taste - at times a bit too expensive, but that's remedied by the end. If you like your romances to whisk you away to that glam world, then this will fit the bill.

Dominique has a fair bit of growing to do over the course of the story, but Marcel is honest and trustworthy and willing to do the work. Granted he makes a few errors in judgment but his heart is in the right place. It's only a matter of time before Dominique gives in and lets herself trust him for the HEA.

Now it's your turn - please feel free to post in the comments section. Did you read the book? Have you read any of Yaye's other titles, or do you read in the Kimani line? If you haven't, what's been holding you back?

Now on to our last pick of the year.....

The Pink Heart Picks selection for December is actually going to kick off a new approach we're taking for the new year. Each book is still going to be a category romance - after all that's what the PHS is all about! But in 2011 you all are going to help me Tackle The TBR.

I know you've got one. A stack of books or list on your ereader that you haven't gotten around to reading yet. I have SCADS. So each month I'm going to pick one and give you the heads up. Maybe it's on your tbr too - or maybe it'll sound good and you'll look for the e-book (I promise the backlist doesn't go THAT far back, e-books should definitely be available, and I'll provide links). Maybe you've read other books by the same author, or within the same line. Most of all I just want us to chat!

SO, to kick off the Tackle My TBR year, I'm starting with a book that's been sitting on my shelf - waiting for Christmas to roll around. It's Raeanne Thayne's THE COWBOY'S CHRISTMAS MIRACLE.

I'll be posting my review on December 28. If you've read it, stop by and give me your thoughts! And if you'd like to join me, you can buy it as an e-book at eharlequin, or here for kindle.


  1. Pamela Yaye's book sounds terrific, will definitely be picking up a copy... Need something seriously hot at the moment as we currently have snow in London! Bing Crosby eat your heart out!

  2. From Kaelee: This is the fourth book by Pamela Yaye that I've read. I'm always amazed at how someone who seemed so shy can write so hot. I must confess that if she hadn't been at a book signing I might never have tried Kimani Romances. I do have a couple of books by other Kimani authors in my TBR that I haven't read yet. One of the reasons that Kimani isn't read more is that it isn't available on the shelves in Canada at least.

    I really enjoyed this book and the others I've read by this author. I really loved Marcel who is a hard working honest man and is trying his best to get Dominique to trust him and his love for her. He is a bit of a rebel in that he never married young as his background would have dedicated. He was ambitious enough to get an education and try to improve things for his siblings. Dominique is a product of the lets have it all generation until she realizes that she doesn't want it all at the expense of her peace of mind. Marcel does have a bit of influence on her in this regard. Dominique's mother seems a bit uncaring at first but she has supportive sisters. This was a story that I couldn't set down.
    Thanks for this selection Donna. I really enjoyed it.

  3. From Kaelee:

    PS Isn't the cover HOT!

  4. My first Kimani romance too, but I found it much harder to get into, maybe because I don't live in the USA? I found the obsession with money quite off-putting - Dominique checks Marcel out first thinking he owns the flash house, then loses interest when he says it's his uncle's. That would normally mean she was about to be the villainess!
    I really didn't admire either of the main characters, I'm afraid, so it didn't do it for me - but your milage may vary!

  5. Thanks Pink Heart Society for the positive review! I so enjoyed writing this book, and the response to PLEASURE FOR TWO, has been so kind (and overwhelming)it makes all those early mornings I hauled myself (and the baby-I was pregnant with my third child when I wrote it!!!)worth it.

    Heidi, since you're freezing (and need a hot, steamy book to warm you up,:)I'll send you an autographed copy of PLEASURE FOR TWO. Hopefully, you'll fall in love with Marcel as much as other readers have!

    Kaelee, I am so glad you enjoyed Dominique and Marcel's story! Dominique was a piece of work, but meeting Marcel changed her, made her a better woman and a more loving person. And if you think this story was hot, wait until you read my February release, PROMISES WE MAKE!!!

    Alison, I'm sorry that you didn't enjoy Dominique and Marcel's story, but might you be willing to try another one of my Kimani romances? Email me your address at pamelayaye@aol.com and I'll send you a copy of one of my previous works.

    Happy reading, ladies! Off to cause trouble in my latest book!!!