Monday, November 15, 2010

Male on Monday : Michael Caine

Liz Fielding joins us today with a Male on Monday classic: Michael Caine!

When I came to putting together pictures for my choice for my Male on Monday, it was something of a shock to realise that I’ve been following, at first hand, Michael Caine’s career since it began.

Starting with “Alfie” – the original one – and that extraordinary out-of-type casting as the upper class officer with a centuries-long family tree in Zulu, Michael Caine has graced our screens in upwards of a hundred films. Some of them were rubbish – you can’t make that many films and expect them all to be great, but he has never apologised for the duffs. Actors act, is what he says and he’s certainly done that – gaining stature with age. I’ll never forget him in “Sleuth” – again the original one, where he seemed to step up to an entirely new level of performance.

There’s always been a slightly off-beat look about him. Nothing of the classic tall, dark and handsome. He’s fair, and those pale eyelashes should be off-putting but the slumberous, sexy eyes are pure magic. And he plays off-beat heroes, too. Funny, sometimes hard, sometimes soft, always tough. I loved him in “The Italian Job”, in “Cider House Rules”, as Harry Palmer in “The Ipcress File”. Most recently I loved him as Harry Brown, the vigilante pensioner. Michael and I have grown old and pick up our bus passes together.

I don’t have any cheesecake photographs to offer you, just character but that does it for me.

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  1. Great choice Liz! Michael Caine has a certain something about him. He is a fantastic actor.
    Educating Rita remains one of my faves. Among other things, it helped give my dh courage to stick with university and without that film, I doubt I would ever have met him.

  2. Michael Caine is a good actor and to think he's done more than a hundred movies. Awesome. And all the best for Mistletoe & The Lost Stilleto! Put my name in the draw please.

  3. I think he has the scholarly "professor" appeal too.

    Wasn't he in Buffy the Vampire Slayer? (Or is my memory fogged from not enough coffee?)


  4. Educating Rita was brilliant, Michelle. I wonder how many people it inspired to higher education?

  5. I never watched Buffy, Susan. Maybe he guested? Anyone?

  6. I always enjoy a movie with Michael, Nas!

  7. Oh, I love Michael Caine and now I'm dying to see Educating Rita again.

    Loved him in Miss Congeniality too -- he stole the show.

  8. Oh, absolutely, Michelle! How could I have forgotten that one :)