Monday, November 29, 2010

MALE ON MONDAY : Harrison Ford

Fiona Lowe joins us today with a Male On Monday look at Harrison Ford.

I may well be carbon-dating myself but today’s Male on Monday is Harrison Ford. I was at high school when Star Wars was released and the story itself didn’t do much for me but the moment Hans Solo strode onto screen, I was hooked. The fact he even won that part that went on to launch a very successful movie career is serendipity.

According to Wikipedia, he’d had little success with a film career and became a self-taught carpenter to support his wife and young family. Up and coming film director, George Lucas, hired him to build cabinets for his office and I guess they chatted and he auditioned for the Luke Skywalker role. Lucas, cast him as Hans Solo, Star Wars went on to became the second highest grossing movie of all time in the United States, and it established Harrison Ford as a superstar. This meant I got to see him in a heap more movies. Thank you, George!!

I can’t remember much about Indiana Jones and The Raiders of the Lost Ark but I can remember Harrison; tight pants, tipped hat, wickedly dancing eyes and holding a whip. Oh, yeah! He took charge, took risks, and I was with him every step of the way.

A few years later and I was married and DH and I went to see Witness. For DH and I, this became the perfect movie because as much as I was lusting after Harrison Ford, DH was equally lusting after Kelly McGillis ;-) The dance scene in the barn is one of the most sexually charged scenes on screen and both people are fully clothed with no hip thrusting to be seen. The perfect example of less is more and it’s all about the emotion. Love it!

And then there was Working Girl. Harrison had got a little older but that twinkle in his eye remained. I loved how they wrote his chin scar into the script! And just as an aside, OMG how big did we wear hair in the ‘80s!! LOL.

Again, Wikipedia says that many of Ford's major film roles came to him by default through unusual circumstances. He won the role of Han Solo while reading lines for other actors, was cast as Indiana Jones because Tom Selleck was not available, and he took the role of Jack Ryan due to Alec Baldwin demanding too much money.

Of course Harrison’s career has continued and I have become a fickle fan as suspense/action films are not really me, so many of you would have enjoyed him in Patriot Games whereas I had to wait for the remake of Sabrina.

Do you have a favorite Harrison moment?

Fiona Lowe writes for Harlequin Mills and Boon Medical Romance and her latest release, just in time for Christmas is, The Most Magical Gift of All. Sophie and Jack had definite plans for Christmas but the universe didn’t agree! Fiona’s very excited to say she just sold her debut Single Title Romance to Carina Press, the digital arm of Harlequin, with a release date mid 2011


  1. You're right, Fiona - that scene in Witness is definitely right up there with the sexiest scenes ever shot. Can't hear that track without being right back there in the barn!
    As an aside, bet Alec Baldwin kicked himself for holding out for too much money re. Indiana Jones.

  2. Oh, I love Harrison Ford. There is just something about him when he's on screen.

  3. Yes, Christine, I can watch that scene over and over!

  4. I agree, Nell. Do you have a fave moment of his on screen?

  5. My favourite Harrison moment would have to be his dance with Kelly McGillis to Sam Cooke's Wonderful World in Witness. Also liked his sparring matches with Princess Leia in Star Wars!

    I do wish he'd start playing his age a bit more now though.... Bit daft to see him paired with 30something actresses still... Although it has to be said, he looks darn good for his age!

  6. Oh Harrison...let me count the ways.

    My comment is a bit skewed by the fact that a Star Wars marathon was on all day yesterday. Empire Strikes Back is SO Harrison's movie. I think the banter between Leia and Han on Hoth is wonderful. The escape scene when he's the harried captain trying to get the Millenium Falcon to work while barking orders at Chewie, shushing C3PO, and reassuring Leia is priceless. When he gives the hull a good whack to get things working, I laughed out loud.

  7. Best Harrison Ford moment . . . sigh . . . when Leia say's "I love you" and he replies "I know" in Empire Strikes Back. Another sigh. Great post Fiona. Cheers

  8. Wow--what a great way to start the week! One of my favorite men of all time--Harrison Ford! He's one of a kind, whether tossing off wisecracks as he cracks that whip, or being macho and vulnerable at the same time as a cop protecting an innocent witness. He's sexy as all get out--that voice! Harrison's a keeper, and he keeps getting better and better ; )

  9. Hands down, THE sexiest Harrison Ford scene EVER was the barn/singing/dancing scene in Witness.

    BTW, have you mentioned to hubby that Kelly has switched teams?

  10. Snakes....why did it have to be snakes!
    Best line from a movie ever. Loved the expression on his face then.

  11. I think the dance scene in Witness is winning hands down but do love the other ones. Thanks. No Lynne, didn't know Kelly had switched teams so might keep that a secret to preserve a good story ;-)

  12. Ooh, but I almost forgot that fabulous scene in Raiders where he turns up at Marianne's bar in the Himalayas and his shadow appears on the back wall, and then she slugs him! Loved the sense of a history between the two of them, but the fact that they were still attracted to each other.... Talk about a reunion romance, I loved their relationship in that movie so much, I almost didn't notice the snakes!!

  13. Drool, drool, drool. Swoon, swoon, swoon...ok, it's out of my system now. At least until I scroll back up the page lol

    I ADORE this man :) A 20 year crush is a long time lol