Monday, November 01, 2010

Male on Monday: gorgeous Frenchmen!

Kate Hardy says French men are just gorgeous…

I’m possibly a little biased here as I’m just back from Paris, where I found the French people absolutely charming. (Having not spoken French for 20 years or so, I was a tad rusty, but my confidence came back very quickly because everyone was so nice and encouraging – nothing like the South of France, where they’ll claim they can’t understand a word you’re saying if you say ‘la’ when you mean ‘le’, cough.) The artist who drew my daughter’s portrait in Montmartre, the lovely man who came to my rescue in the Louvre when I came across the only unhelpful person in Paris while trying to find a particular painting, the waiters and our concierge and even the staff in the Metro station – they were all very kind and very sweet.

And so I’m being a little self-indulgent – my Male on Monday slot is about gorgeous Frenchmen!

When I was small, French men were the height of sophistication. I can remember my mum sighing over Sacha Distel (left).

In my early twenties, I discovered Gerard Depardieu – first in The Return of Martin Guerre, and then in Cyrano de Bergerac. He’s been described as joli-laid (i.e. unconventionally attractive), but who could fail to fall in love with a character with such wit, such eloquence? (Yes, Vincent Perez, who plays Christian, was very pretty; but Depardieu stole the show.) And then there’s Green Card. The bit where he plays the piano to get Andie McDowell her trees is the bit where a lot of women fell in love with him.

And then there’s Mathieu Kassovitz, probably best-known outside France for his role as Nino Quincampoix in Amélie. (He's also a writer and director. Gorgeous and clever is a fabulous combination, in my book.)

And, more recently, Gilles Marini – both in his Sex and the City role, and his fabulous dancing in Dancing with the Stars.

Do you have a favourite French actor? Come and tell us about him and your favourite French film.

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  1. My fav, the last picture in your post from Brothers and Sisters.

    Kate your duo was amazing tying in the Chateau and the brothers secrets. Both were amazing love stories.

  2. Kate, your duo was tres fab and set in the vineyards of France, non? Okay, I'm trying with the French accent but once an Aussie...

    I don't have a favourite french actor - unless you count Johnny Depp in Chocolat? Surely that counts.

  3. Every sensible comment I might have made went out of my head when I saw your pic of Gilles. Now that's my ideal Frenchman. Thanks for blowing away the Monday morning blues, Kate!

  4. I didn't have a favorite French actor until now...

  5. lol, I'll have one of that last guy please! Yummy!!

  6. Kelly, I thought Johnny was supposed to be Irish in Chocolat!!

    My favourite Frenchman was always Jean Paul Belmondo as a sexy thief in Breathless!!

    But after reading Red Wine and Her Sexy Ex, I've had to revise that opinion, Kate... Xavier is kinda hard to beat. And now I've got Guy to explore I'm thinking poor old Jean-Paul's gonna get kicked into third place!


  7. Marilyn - thank you :)

    Kelly - it was indeed (and thank you). And I nearly put Johnny up there for you (especially as his partner is French...).

    Christina - mm, I think I might have to use him as the current hero (OK, so he's Italian, but...)

    Kim and Mira - LOL!

    Heidi - I knew you'd come up with someone gorgeous, being such a film buff :) And thank you!