Friday, November 26, 2010

Industry Insider: Kris Alice Hohls

The Pink Heart Society is THRILLED to have Kris Alice Hohls visiting us today all the way from Germany for a very special interview about the German Romance market and LoveLetter Magazine.

Thanks for being here, Kris!

How important is the German market to book publishing and what countries does it cover?

While attending the BookExpo and the RWA conference this year we were told by several US editors, publicists and authors that the German language market is the most profitable non-English market. It mainly covers Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg, but we also have readers from countries where people speak German as a second language, such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Denmark, Italy, Spain or Bulgaria.

What is LoveLetter magazine?

LoveLetter is a monthly print magazine reaching (romance) readers, authors, editors and booksellers. It contains articles, author/industry interviews, special features, reviews, news and sometimes even short stories.

How did LoveLetter get started?

In early 2005 I was tired of waiting for someone to start a German romance magazine and decided to publish and finance a newsletter of 20 pages in black & white. With the help of some equally enthusiastic people it has since then grown into a full-colour magazine of 52 pages. It is now available to subscribers and in stores.

How often does LoveLetter come out?

LoveLetter is a monthly magazine. Only during the summer do we take a month-long break to give us the time to attend the RWA conference and recharge our batteries.

What is your typical day like?

What I like about the magazine is that there is no typical day. However, I always start the day by checking my inbox, our facebook account and the blogs I follow. I answer reader mails and send out orders. Then it is making sure that all the reviewers receive their requested ARCs, that the translations are on time and that we have enough content for the next issue. For that we need to get in touch with authors, editors and publicists. We chase down missing author photos, book covers and release dates. Towards the middle of the month it is all about editing reviews, articles, interviews and translations. That is also when our advertising partners send in their material and the layouting starts.

What are German readers looking for?

Right now the most popular trends are YA fantasy romance and paranormal romance novels. Crime fiction is huge over here so hopefully the next big thing will be romantic suspense.

What are your favourite reads?

I like nothing better than discovering a new romance subgenre and new to me authors. Currently I read a lot of YA authors and I have discovered the Harlequin Superromance line for me.

What is your favourite part of your job?

It’s very rewarding to see our readers get excited about the authors and books we feature. I love editors telling us that it was a review/article/interview in our magazine that first got them interested in an author’s German translation rights. It is a wonderful feeling knowing that we can help authors and publishers find a whole new audience. But what I like most is that with each new issue I learn more about the romance genre, its readers, authors and publishers.

What are the recent trends in the German market with regards to series romance?

What we can see is that exotic story settings are still doing very well. Not surprising as Germans love to travel. Sexy stories are going strong and paranormal stories have been introduced. Historicals are very popular and with the new historical crime line (Historical Krimi) with books by Ashley Gardner, P.B. Ryan and Tasha Alexander it promises to be even more so.

Are you willing for authors to send you German books as giveaways etc? In other words how can authors help support the good work you are doing in trying to support the romance genre?

We’d be happy to receive books as giveaways. Our readers love them. Authors can help us by letting us know well in advance of their upcoming releases (US & German), offering ARCs if available, proposing unique article ideas, short stories and being available for interviews. Do you know a debut author? Tell them about us! Are you traveling to Germany and have time to meet some readers? Let us know!

What can authors do to raise their profile in the German market?

All of the above. Be professional, interested and respectful of your readers and the people that want to help you.

We’ve heard rumours about a German Readers Conference so that romance authors can get to meet some their ardent fans. Can you give a few hints?

It is not official yet, as we are still looking for the right event location, but yes, we are planning a German Readers Conference for late May/early June 2012. It will take place in Berlin. Anyone interested in attending /participating is more than welcome to contact us at

Kris Alice Hohls

LoveLetter Magazine


  1. Since the modern romance genre is dominated by English-speaking voices. I always get a kick out of reading what romance readers in other countries love about the genre! I am happy Love Letters exists for German-speaking fans and look forward to seeing what's to come.

  2. Kris --
    Thank you so much for coming here and answering our questions.
    Also thank you for all that you do in promoting the romance genre!

  3. Kris - really enjoyed the interview, thanks for promoting the romance genre in Germany.

  4. Thanks for being here today, Kris! I just got my first German author copies, it was very exciting!

    I remember doing an interview for you after I first sold, and it was such a pleasure to meet you in Washington. Thanks for all you do for the genre!

  5. Thanks for writing so many wonderful books. You make it real easy to be excited about the genre and its authors :)

  6. Hello, Kris-

    So glad to see you here :) Funny enough, my Love Letter magazine is sitting right at my elbow as I type. I really enjoyed meeting you in Orlando and so appreciate your bringing me a copy of the magazine that had me as a debut author. Thanks for all you do to promote romance. Maybe I'll be able to make that conference - that would be so cool!

    Liz Talley

  7. I really love the 'industry insider' interviews and particularly enjoyed this one. So cool to hear about all you're doing to promote romance in the German-speaking market Kris.. I have several Swiss cousins who I shall be directing towards your mag.

  8. Hi Liz,
    That's why I love attending the conferences in the US. It's a wonderful opportunity to meet the authors we like to read and work with. I'd love to have the time to go to Australia and their conference again. And the one in England would be really interesting. The German conference will take place in Berlin and we should have a date very soon!

    Thanks Heidi! I have family in Switzerland too.

  9. Great interview. My husband and I are leaving for Germany in two days. I will be sure to pick up a copy while I'm there.

  10. Hi Kris! Great interview and I'm thrilled about the Berlin conference in 2012.

    Readers -- my husband and I had a wonderful trip to Berlin a few years ago -- topped off by the pleasure of a yummy brunch with Kris; Bettina, my German editor; and Brigitte, a romance reviewer. The German romance community rocks.

    Oh, and thanks, Kris, for putting the cover of the German ALMOST A GENTLEMAN -- or Gefährliche Enthüllung ("dangerous unveiling", I think) -- on the LoveLetter cover.

  11. Hi Denise,
    Wishing you a wonderful time in Germany! For how long are you staying and were are you going? Try to find the magazine at bookstores/newsagents in train stations and at airports. Next issue is out late next week.

    Hi Pam,
    That (magazine/book) cover is so old (June 2007). ;) You need to write/publish a new book!

  12. LOL I put the mag cover up - because it was the one I had to hand as I was in the issue as a debut author. Kris has a long reach :-) !

  13. Kris, we will be there for 10 days. It will be our third year in a row going back to experience Christkindlemarkts. We will go back to favorite places and places we lived when we were stationed there: Nurnberg, Wurzburg, Rothenburg o.d.T., Regensburg, and Munich. and, since we always travel by train, I will have plenty of places to look for it.

  14. Hi Kris,

    Getting to see the LL article about me as a debut author was such a thrill!

    Sara Lindsey

    P.S. Butterbeer was everything you promised it would be and more! ;)