Wednesday, November 10, 2010

All Good Things Must Come To An End... Sort Of

Okay, let’s be honest. Not everything in life is worth holding on to—savoring, snuggling up to, hoarding or whatever. There are certain things, that when they come to an end, we nearly shiver with delight over kicking them past the curb and out of sight.

A few examples: SHOWGIRLS, a root canal, that excruciating period of limbo that accompanies a spell in the slush pile, the casserole your mom doubled with freezer burnt veggies and no sodium, fat-free soup (Because you would never do it to your family just because you were on deadline and grocery shopping didn’t make the priority cut, *looks away guiltily*)… you get the idea.

To these, we’ve had our goodbyes poised and ready to go from the onset.

But there are other things—the fleeting and sweet, the decadent and naughty, the flirty and fun—we flat out hate to let go. A few examples: The last slender wedge of triple chocolate fudge cake, a fifty minute full body massage, Sawyer on LOST, and my year-long stint as the FIRST THINGS FIRST columnist for the PINK HEART SOCIETY.


That’s right, the column following my first year of publication is drawing to a close and December will be the last installment. I’m more than a little sorry to see it go. It’s been such a treat to share (and okay, maybe occasionally vent, lol) my experiences, hear from the others who have gone before me, and plain old chit chat with all the great PHS readers—And I just really don’t want to say goodbye.

REALLY don’t want to. Like it might be fair to envision me straight-legging the PHS office door here, my Swingline and an assortment of pens clutched to my chest as PHS security tries to wrestle me out.

Fortunately, Donna, Michelle, and Jenna saw an ugly situation escalating and, in a moment of genius, offered a solution where I’d be able to stick around for 2011. (Thus sparing the PHS security/man-candy a spray of rapid-fire standard staples.)

So I’m delighted to announce that I’ll be joining the team as an editor for the coming year!! Yay! Crisis averted! Hugs and kisses and thanks galore—couldn’t be happier to be on board!

:-) Mira


Look for it as FRONT PAGE AFFAIR in the US, January 2011.

Coming in July, 2011 - MERGERS & REACQUISITIONS (Working Title) - Riva


  1. Mira --

    We are very pleased you decided to stay! Looking forward to your input next year!
    And I have really enjoyed your column.

  2. Great news Mira.. Somehow knew those PHS gals were far too smart to let you go... Or risk a staple attack!

  3. We're very excited Mira is stalking er, hanging on for another year! The PHS is a bit like Hotel California....LOL

  4. Thanks Michelle!

    Heidi, was totally the staples. Effective threat:-)

    LOL, Donna :-)