Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wild Card Weekend - Linda Thomas-Sundstrom

Here's a spooky treat - Nocturne author Linda Thomas-Sundstrom with "How To Say Grrrr, I love you, in 75,000 words or a Sneeze."

Hello Pink Heart Society, readers and fans of our beloved category books. It's a wild card weekend, so here I am, awaiting Halloween, looking for bats in the belfry, and scurrying toward my next Nocturne deadline, while attending the Men of Mystery conference on the west coast, and trying to blog here. All of this in one weekend. So, what could be wilder than all that?

Does the world rock sox, or what?

Brief intro insert: I'm Linda Thomas-Sundstrom ( I know, long name), and I'm currently writing for the Harlequin Nocturne imprint. Werewolves and Vampires. First, with this year's Wolf Moons series of books and Bites, and now I'm in the middle of the new Vampire Moons series.

My first Nocturne Bite that actually involves a nip of the fangs is just out this month. "Vampire Lover." And besides the novella itself, the cover art is.... hot! Check it out here. Are you drooling yet? Thought so. Because there's nothing better than atmospheric, sexy paranormal love stories... especially this time of year...

Unless it's an interesting ditty published in the Urban Dictionary, and just brought to my attention, as another way to say "I love you," not only to a loved one, but to the public, en masse.

It's called "Dracula's Sneeze."

What it means is holding your arm up over your face in a position similar to Dracula holding up his cape, and then sneezing into you elbow - to help avoid spreading the H1N1 swine flu germs that scared us all in the recent pandemic. This is actually recommended by the Centers For Disease Control!

Yes, it's true!

And wouldn't it make a great comedy? I'm pretty sure I'll use it in a future book (so don't you steal the idea!) What a hoot. Everyone knows that image of the old Dracula, right?

However, as we all know, Nocturnes, thank heavens, aren't rollicking comedies, but are, in fact, smooth as dark chocolate paranormals that go down with a silky feel. More like champagne than milk. This is what attracted me to the imprint, and why I love writing for it. Who doesn't love dark chocolate? Or golden bubbles up their nose?

Brief "About Nocturne" insert for the newbies: Nocturnes are books of 70-75,000 words, and are hero-driven. As with most category books from the Harlequin imprints, they focus on a relationship. Vampires, werewolves, shape-shifters, fallen angels, and world-building aside, the relationship is always key. And don't we just love that! Scary stories, with a satisfying ending! Love among the ruins!

I am so lucky!

I get to invent, create, then write about tall, gorgeous vampires with souls, and tall, gorgeous werewolves who are regular men most of the time, and almost always loyal, trustworthy, and true... and the women lucky enough to find them (or be found).

I get to immerse myself in nights lit by big full moons, interesting histories that date back to the Flood, and bloodlines that continue unchallenged in the arteries of a select few god guys, of whatever species. I get to meet some really interesting characters - and try to make them do whatever I want them to do, within reason.(We all know how characters sometimes take control of their own destinies, and all we do is follow them around write their antics down).

And I get to eat brownies on Halloween night, and maybe even a whole candy bar!

Well, aside from the candy bar, I am very excited about this writer's journey - and about my books. I'm thrilled every darn day to be writing them. I'm ecstatic about "Vampire Lover," out this month as an e-book novella, and thrilled about the first full book in this series, in print and on bookstore shelves in April of next year. "The Golden Vampire."

Here's the briefest blurb for "Vampire Lover": Just to tickle your pallet.

The last Irish Slayer of her lineage...

The last Irish Vampire of his...

Meet in Miami, beneath a Blood Moon.

I know you can see that! Feel the thrill.

I hope you'll come along with me for this ride. And I hope you'll let me know if you do. Maybe even this Halloween weekend, when other the strangeness abounds and you're in the mood for Tall, Dark, and Dangerous.

Well, what else will you be doing? Trick or treating? Watching scary movies? Howling at the moon? Fighting me for my candy bar? Scarfing these brownies??? Sharing the l-o-v-e in some other way I haven't thought of?

Do tell us your Halloween plans !!!

Bon appetite!

Practice the Dracula Sneeze!

And don't forget to put milk (or whiskey) on the doorstep Sunday night... for the Leprechauns.


Linda's giving away a copy of RED WOLF to one lucky commenter!


  1. I'll just be sitting at home waiting for the trick or treaters and trying not to eat the candy. Love your book cover.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  2. Thanks, Linda. I just got home from the conference, and it was pretty wild in and of itself. Phew.

    It's too dark where I live to have little bitty treaters, so my husband and I eat some of the candy we would have given out. YUM


  3. We don't get trick or treaters either, up here in the no extra candy hanging out and tempting me!

    Love your werewolves--know I'm going to love your vampires!

    Pam S.

  4. Fun blog Linda!!! :)

    I had no idea there was a "Dracula's Sneeze"!!! WHo knew? :)

    I just got home from a fun evening scarying the small ones at the elementary school Halloween carnival. We decorate the car and the kids "Trunk or Treat"!

    So fun! :)

    Hope you have a Happy Halloween!!!

    Love the vampires and werewolves... Mmmm!

    Lisa :)

  5. Great blog, Linda! I taught my kids the "dracula sneeze" years ago - but didn't know it was called that. What a clever idea!

    Have a great Halloween, and good luck on your deadline!



  6. Hey Linda! I'll be handing out candy to the kid little kids and the high school/middle school kids who decide it's cool to be a kid on Halloween.

    But they practice the Dracula sneeze or they won't get any candy!

  7. LInda, my 4 year old graddaughter taught us the Dracula sneeze. She's faithfully sneezes in to her elbow. And I love the casket-shaped brownies. which I had a nibble right now.

    Toni Noel

  8. Hello, Linda.
    I love your books. Nocturne is my favorite series.
    The Dracula sneeze-- Makes sense. If they'd teach that term to kids, maybe they'd be more likely to do it!!!
    Cheers, Kelly

  9. Hi Pam - thanks for letting me know you like my books. You do know that this makes my day, right? I mean... wow. Connected with someone.
    And hey - one little candy bar, once a year can't be so bad, eh?


  10. Hey Christine - yes, I agree. With paranormal being everywhere and so popular, actually calling a Dracula Sneeze a Dracula Sneeze would be very hip and cool for youngsters.

    And I plan to watch DRACULA on Halloween night - the hot and sexy movie version with Frank Langella.
    Also, have to watch something funny, right afterward, so that I don't get too scared.



  11. Marwitpinky? Is that your name? Woman, you need a nickname, for sure. How about just PINKY?

    So, pinky... how about loving a guy that says: "I VANT TO DRINK YOUR BLAHOOD ?" A quote from Bela Legosi.
    Vamps have come a long way since then, eh?

    Cheers - and thanks for leaving me a message!

  12. Hi Linda --
    A fellow Nocturne Bites author (and vampire lover!) stopping by to say hi. Great blog! I'd never heard of Dracula's Sneeze.

    Congrats on the release of Vampire Lover.

  13. Woo, Linda! Can't wait to read this one! All your books are so yummy!

    What direction did the vampire sneeze in?


    Happy Halloween!

  14. Ah - my fellow Nocturne authors... Thanks for stopping by! YAY.



    IT'S TODAY. OOOhhhh, spooky!

    I have my reindeer ears on my head. Better than a witch's hat anytime. And I like the sound of the bells.

    Grrrrr..... don't forget to howl at the moon tonight. Just be sure to run right back indoors... just in case something howls back. ha.


  16. Great post, Linda!

    Being Irish I always honor the Little People.

  17. And to all a good Halloween night.



  18. Christine - contact me through me web site CONTACT ME page please!