Monday, October 04, 2010

Male on Monday - Everyday Heroes

Jules Bennett joins us today to chat about her kind of hero....

Who doesn’t love a good hero? And, believe it or not, heroes come in all shapes, sizes, and, yes, personalities.

Seriously, if a man is “hot” but the personality is less than, well, his hottie meter just plummeted. I’m all about the caring side of a man. In my opinion, his heart is much more important than his gun show.

Now, having said all of that, you know you’ve hit the motherlode when you can find the personality, the caring heart and the looks that make your insides flutter with excitement.

Am I one of the lucky women to have hit the Hottie Lottery? So glad you asked.

Actually, my hero found me when I was only 14! Yes, I started falling head over stillettos when I was only a freshman in high school. I dated my hero until I was 21 and then I married him and we celebrated our 11 year anniversary this past weekend! Yes, if you did the math, you know I’m only 25. What? I am.

Not only did I marry my hero who does everything for me and our beautiful toddler girls, I had a great man for me to compare any future hubby against.

My father. My father was not only a hero to our family, he was a National hero when he fought in the Vietnam war. He recently pulled out all of his pictures, some are very heart-wrenching, and had me help him assemble a scrapbook. This was such a wonderful, memorable time that will stay with me forever.

I have to say, spending time with both of my heroes means more to me than anything. I only hope my girls see what kind of man they deserve and not to settle for anything less than a hero.

Writing romance is the best way for me to revisit the true meaning of a hero. I love taking a man and opening his eyes to love and happiness. One of my favorite characters is in my October release, FROM BOARDROOM TO WEDDING BED?, from Silhouette Desire. Cole Marcum lost his fiance years ago and now has a second chance to recapture her heart. Only problem is, she’s not so forgiving the second time.

What kind of heroes have entered your life? What wonderful memories do you have?

I’m giving away an autographed copy of FROM BOARDROOM TO WEDDING BED? to one lucky person who shares a hero story with me!


  1. If I thought about it long enough, I could probably find reasons for most of the people in my life to be considered heroes. Let's see now ... there's the neighbour who got a terrified cat out of the tree ... my brother-in-law and family who took in my MIL who has Alzheimer's ... another BIL who drove through treacherous weather to ensure my family was picked up at the airport ... the same BIL who gave up his huge bedroom for two weeks so that my young children could sleep in the same room with their parents at Christmastime ... and, of course, my hubby, who tries to "be there" all the time for all his friends and family (whether immediate or extended).

  2. Laney4, I'd say you have many heroes in your life. You are one lucky lady:)

  3. Hi, Jules! My grandfather was the greatest provider and protector that I could ever have had in my life. He was a quiet, modest man, but he was the finest man that I've ever known. He left school after the eighth grade to start working and help contribute financially to his family. He was self-educated, and so smart, with common sense and "people sense" to spare! If he told you something, it was true. You could take his word to the bank. It was as good as gold. He wasn't an overly demonstrative person, but you knew without words that you were loved. As long as he lived, you would be provided for and protected. He used his uncanny knowledge of human behavior, his practical nature, his work ethic, and his strong sense of family to protect us. I am more fiery and emotional, but I inherited his "protector" title after he passed away. To me, if you don't take care of your own family, nothing else you do has any worth. I have always put the needs of my family above my own. This is not easy, just instinctual. I had a grand role model : )

  4. Virginia, you had an amazing hero in your life during those young, impressionable years. Is say you're a better person for having been blessed with him.

  5. Hi Jules, my husband Ron was my hero. He was a Seattle fire fighter. I remember when I was pregnant with my son, he called one day and said, "guess what honey, I just delivered a baby girl in the backseat of a Ford".

  6. Marilyn, that is a very sweet hubbby:) And most certainly a hero in every sense. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hi Jules - sounds like your hubby is a real keeper. Buzz is my hero, too, and a keeper for 39 years next month. And yes, he really did rob the cradle since I'm barely 49 now. LOL!

    Hugs, Becky

  8. Wow, Becky, he did rob the cradle;) So happy you could stop by and talk about your hero!

  9. Going to have to choose my Dad. When I suspected my boyfriend was cheating on me, I told my Dad. He offered to go kick his...butt on my behalf. Another time, when I got fired from a job - my Dad knew the owner - my Dad called him up and cussed him out.
    Growing up I was close to my Mom, but when she passed away, I had the opportunity to get close to my Dad. As much as I hurt losing my Mom, it was wonderful to know I could count on my Dad and he had my back.

  10. Livimg in the UK, our national ifeboat society is a charity run by volunteers. I think they're all heroes (and heroines too of course) and I fundraise for them when I can. And my father is still my ultimate hero!

  11. Marcie, your dad sounds like a true hero and you're very lucky to have him in your life!

    Alison, yes, I'd say they are all heroes and heroines! Good for you for fundraising with them! That makes you a heroine:)


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