Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wild Card Weekend: It all starts with the first kiss...

Now here's a great post for winding down on the weekend! BLAZE author Tawny Weber joins us to talk about first kisses - of all kinds!

I love first kisses. It could be the first kiss in a brand new relationship. Or the first kiss between two characters who don’t even want a relationship. Or for those of us who are in long-term relationships, even that first kiss of the day that reminds us why we fell in love.

Really, I’d have to say that kisses are one of the main reasons I read romances. I loooove those kisses. And in books, they often set the tone for the story. They sum up so much about the couple, their conflicts and style, and how their relationship is going to play out.

For fun, I did a little Google search for types of kisses. Check some of these out:

• Angel kiss

• Butterfly kiss

• Fishy kiss

• Icy kiss

• Sippy kiss

• Vacuum kiss

• Sealed with a kiss

Well... those are some interesting kissing styles, aren’t they? Some of them made me giggle. Which probably isn’t the goal of kissing, now that I think about it. At least, not the goal I have in mind when I write a kiss – especially a first kiss. Here’s one of my most recently written first kisses, from my current release, RIDING THE WAVES:

Alex stopped a few inches away. Close enough for Drucilla to smell the ocean overlaying his own rich, masculine scent. His hair hung in wet curls around his face, droplets of water trailing down his throat. Over his collar bone. Onto his chest. Her mouth watered. She wanted to trace that water with her tongue. Would it taste salty like the sea? Or would she taste him?

She had to find out.

Just as she took a step forward, Alex reached out and cupped his hands on either side of her head. Dru’s body melted at the powerful move, her nipples beading in supplication against the tight, wet fabric of her swimsuit. He tilted her head back. His body pressed against hers, his arousal hard and obvious behind the wet cotton of his trunks as it pushed against her bare belly.

Before she could do more than register a surprised ‘oh’ of pleasure at how hard and long he felt, his mouth took hers.

It was like surfing. Exhilarating, dangerous, addictive. His lips slid, soft and sweet, over hers. He molded her mouth gently before his tongue traced her bottom lip. She gave a sigh at how perfect it all felt

Then he shifted. She had no idea how, but the kiss went from mellow to incendiary with just the brush of his tongue. Everything changed. She felt her world tilt, a sideways slide into a dark intense well of pleasure. Her hands hung useless at her sides, her head dropping back in his hands, giving over total control. Helpless to do anything but enjoy, she let the passion engulf her.

Well... yeah. Hopefully that kiss didn’t incite giggles. And hopefully its one of those kisses that stays in a readers mind, which is always a writer’s goal.

For me, there are a few storybook kisses that definitely stick in my mind. Snow White’s first kiss, for sure. Nora Roberts, LURING A LADY, had an incredible kiss that I’ve always remembered –not the first, but the turning point kiss.

How about you? Is there a storybook kiss that you’ll never forget? One that epitomizes the best first kiss you’ve ever read?

Tawny's current release is RIDING THE WAVES. You can catch up with Tawny at her website -


  1. Ohh I love first kisses-and yours is great BTW! As a reader if a first kiss can make *my* stomach drop - never mind the heroines - then that is good story telling. Caroline x

  2. I have been reading articles and watching videos over at the New Voice Harlequin Romance site. So I am waiting to hear the top ten winners and biting my nails and trying to keep busy, so I was looking over my links on Face book counting the hours until "we know", if you know what I mean. I am a contestant. So I came over here and read all of the articles. I just loved this article about the types of kisses. I really hadn't thought of types of kisses other than those during a spin the bottle game, one from the guy at the first school dance one attended and then the kiss from someone you had just dreamed and dreamed of kissing, but never had, and then you did.

  3. Hi Caroline and thanks :-) I love those first kisses, and like you say, the tummy dropping ones are the best!!

  4. Hey there, Anna,

    Congrats and good luck with the new voices contest! I love your list of kinds of kisses :-) Especially the dream kiss - so sweet and sexy!!