Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wild Card Weekend - Girls' Weekend

Welcome Melissa McClone with a post about Girls' Weekend! Makes me want to get away....
Girls' Weekend. The two words bring up lots of memories. Some old and some new. No matter when the weekends occurred, they are so clear in my mind. Late night talks. Tasty food and drinks. Glowing luminaries. The sea breeze against my face. Red Rocks. Wondering if a B and B might be haunted or not. The sound of coins clinking in slot machines. And in one case, tears.

My most recent girls' weekend was in August, just a few short weeks ago. I'd befriended a reader on-line through my blog. Commenting on on each other's blogs for a few years turned into emailing, Christmas cards being exchanged and phone calls. I told her if she ever came out to the Pacific Northwest I'd show her around. Another mutual friend made the same offer.

After winning a plane ticket from Jet Blue, she decided to take us up on the offer. She flew out from the east coast for five days. We toured Oregon from Newport on the coast to Mount Hood. She's a big Leverage fan so got to see many of the places we film. We even caught the American Idol tour concert one night!  Fun times with two girlfriends that I'll cherish always.  A special thanks to Dru for providing the pictures for this blog!

While I love vacationing with my family, there's just something about getting away from it all with girlfriends. It's the comraderie, the chatting, the eating!

Our first stop took us from Portland, Oregon to Newport on the coast. This was my surprise for my friends. I booked us into the Sylvia Beach Hotel where each room is decorated after an author. We stayed in the Colette room. Ocean views, a fireplace and cats. Needless to say, I was in heaven. One of my friends tolerated the cat for my sake. And we had some good laughs over my new feline friend, Shelley.

What do three friends do for five days?  We walked on the beach, through town, at Multnomah Falls and around Timberline Lodge. We went to two different Powell's bookstores. We attended the American Idol Concert. We ate wonderful meals together. We also talked and talked and talked! Amazingly, I even got some early morning and late night writing in!

Our days together reminded me of the other girls' weekends I've had. Most have been places like Las Vegas, Sedona, Mendocino.  The memories are all good.

One girls' weekend wasn't. The best way to describe it was brutal. I'd been dumped by my boyfriend and was in my all men suck phase. One of my closest friends from college and I decided to have a girls weekend skiing in Vail. We could ski during the day and bash men at night. It sounded pretty perfect to me. She decided, however, to invite a guy to join us. Another couple they knew happened to be there, too, so I was the proverbial fifth wheel. Not what I had in mind.

But the experience along with all the other girls' weekends I'd gone on over the years really came in handy when it came time to work on the Harlequin Romance continuity series Girls'Weekend in Las Vegas.

Myrna Mackenzie, Shirley Jump, Jackie Braun and I wrote about four best friends from San Diego who go on a girls weekend in Las Vegas to help one of them, my heroine Jayne, get over her cheating fiance and broken engagement.

The weekend doesn't quite turn out like any of them expected, which seems par for the course when it comes to girls' weekends. But that's okay. Friendship prevails, as well as love which, for us romance writers, is what matters most! I just wish I could get Myrna, Shirley and Jackie to join me for a girls' weekend somewhere. I bet we'd have a really good time together!

What is your favorite girls' weekend locale?  Do you have a favorite memory of a time you got away with your girlfriends?

Melissa McClone lives in the Pacific Northwest and writes for Harlequin Romance. Her newest release, Wedding Date with the Best Man, is book four of the Girls' Weekend in Las Vegas series and on sale in the US in September 2010. Later this month, her eight part eHarlequin free on-line read, Snow-Kissed Reunion will be available.


  1. Wow, what a fun time you all had. Next time I want in on the action.
    I went on a four day girl's weekend last April. A friend with a huge house in Bend Oregon hosted twelve of us(all mom's from my kid's school). We had a blast! One of the women is a Zumba instructor so every morning we did Zumba. Now I Zumba once a week.
    Thanks for sharing your girl's weekend, Melissa.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Terri! We hope to do another next year. I'll keep you posted!

    Oh, I love Bend. A perfect place for a girls' weekend. And your own Zumba instructor?? Sounds like you could eat all the chocolate you wanted and not feel guilty with your morning workout.

  3. I've always been a loner, that's not to say I wasn't friends with everyone and I did hang out with people, but as I got older I prefered to spend time with myself.

    I do read stories like this though and sometimes wish I could have experienced something like this. Thanks to all the authors involved in this series, I loved them all!

  4. Melissa, that sounds like such great fun! I've had a few wonderful girls' weekends myself. A good friend and I once camped our way through Michigan up the Lake Michigan shoreline, a couple of friends and I took an impromptu trip to Toronto, and not long ago I went on a writers' weekend with friends in order to brainstorm, relax, shop, hike and eat (lots of eating). And I totally agree. I would love to get together with you, Shirley and Jackie for a fun weekend somewhere!

  5. Thanks Melissa for a wonderful girl's weekend getaway. We had such a great time just hanging around and when I went to sleep at night, I thought of the wonderful day I spent with great friends.

  6. Natasha - I'm a loner myself. I have a few close friends and those are the ones I have done my girls' weekends with. The most recent one was the first in many years. I realized how much I missed spending time with girlfriends. I'll make more of an effort now.

    Myrna - Your weekends sound like fun. I have this dream of the four of us meeting in Las Vegas one day and doing some of the same things our characters did!

    Dru - I had a blast, too. And I miss you. Can't wait until you return for another visit!

  7. Since having the kiddos, girls weekends evaporated! But, just this year my bestie & I hit Vegas to celebrate the end of her cancer treatment. It was so much fun, and no pressure to make sure anyone else is having a good time. Loved it!

    And, I'm with Terri. Next time, I want in too :D

  8. Oh, Jenna, what a cool trip you got to take! And such a great reason to celebrate!!!! I hope your best friend is doing well.

    My weekends evaporated once the kiddos came too, but they're finally getting old enough that five days with only glimpses of mommy was okay. (Mainly for their daddy!)