Thursday, September 02, 2010

What Are You Reading Thursday with Lyn Cote

Lyn Cote chats about her latest read  from Harlequin's KIMANI imprint!

An Inconvenient Friend by RhondaMcKnight
My rating: 5of 5 stars

Have you read any African-American romance lately? Kimani is theAfrican-American romance line with Harlequin. The book I just finishedand reviewed on GoodReads is not a romance. It's definitely Women'sFiction. And one that packs a PUNCH-An Inconvenient Friend by RhondaMcKnight.

An InconvenientFriendReview: I thoroughly enjoyed An Inconvenient Friend. Though perhaps "enjoyed" isn't the right verb. AIF kept me flipping pages as quickly as I could BECAUSE I knew that Samaria Jacobs was headed for a fall. The story of a mistress who decides to get close to her lover's wife just cannot end well. In addition to the tension of waiting for the moment of exposure and explosion, the dialogue and the characters were layered and realistic, never hitting a false note. I will not forget Samaria, her mother or the wronged wife who unwittingly becomes Samaria's Inconvenient Friend. This is a must-read book if you want something that will challenge you.

Shelter of Hope
1st in New Friends Street series, Steeple Hill
# ISBN-13: 978-0373876211

The House that Love Built: Struggling single mother Rosa Santos is deeply touched when volunteers band together to build her a home. With a waitressing job, community college and church, Rosa barely has time to help, let alone dream about a husband and father figure. But when handsome volunteer Marc Chambers hands her withdrawn young son a little hammer, her heart swells. Suddenly, her son is blossoming. But the closer she and Marc get, the more he pulls away. Why? He's built her a shelter of hope.One she—and her son—pray he'll take refuge within….


  1. Oops, I'm sorry but I didn't express myself clearly enough. This book isn't in the Kimani line. I just mentioned that in case readers wanted to know a category line of African-American romance.

    This is a trade paperback and a single title.
    Sorry for the confusion!

  2. Thank you, Lyn, for mentioning AN INCONVENIENT FRIEND. The response to the novel has been amazing. I'm so glad readers are challenged by the heart of the message.

  3. Believe it or not I'm reading the Da Vinci Code. I'm probably the last person on earth to do so. Oh wait, DH hasn't read it yet. Yay!

  4. Laughing at Ally's comment about "Da Vinci Code." You may be the last person on earth to read it; I'm one of the only people on earth who thought it HUGELY over-rated and badly written to boot. Oh well -- that's why there are so many books in the world!

    I'm reading a memoir about divorce -- and life post-divorce!, called "Secrets of a Mysterious Older Woman." Quite funny -- the author has had quite the life, including stints as a painter, comedienne, comedy writer, dancer, singer, even popcorn machine operator. She even had a cabaret show. The book details life after a traumatic divorce and boy, you'll almost think it's fiction, since the truth is unbelievably wacky. She has an affair with a Count, and the book goes into their misadventures while living in his barn in France -- he's highly eccentric (can you tell?) and life is like a "Lucy" episode.