Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Temptation Tuesday with Kathleen Eagle

Please welcome a new Pink Heart member and fabulous author to this week's Temptation Tuesday - Kathleen Eagle!

Temptation Tuesday. Oh, girlfriends, I’m getting so weak in my old age that I wish I could herd all temptation into one day and wallow in them, face up to my indulgences on Woeful Wednesday, and mind my P’s and Q’s throughout the week. Seems to me I read about a diet that worked that way.

“All things in moderation” has long been my mantra. Ah, if only I could practice it faithfully. When I’m on deadline (as I am right now) I indulge myself shamelessly in sweets. My worst food habit is ice cream. I was getting so bad this summer that I had to go cold turkey. No ice cream at all in the refrigerator. I have frozen fruit bars, but they’re not nearly as tempting. I find that if I can resist a particular temptation for at least two weeks, the craving goes away. But during those two weeks the object of my desire is on my mind during a good part of the day. I’m big on chocolate, too. I used to joke about sugar being my only addiction. I don’t joke about it anymore. It’s true. The candy bar a day habit is almost as hard to break as the nightly bowl of ice cream. You know you’re in trouble when you start using the soup bowl.

I’ve never been a less-is-more kind of a person where the object of my desire is concerned. (Unless we’re talking exercise. I desire the benefits but not the time in the gym.) But when I take a shine to something, it’s so hard to resist the temptation to add just one more to the mix. Over the years I’ve collected vintage dolls—big Barbie collection—and other old toys, pottery, Christmas collections, tea pots, American Indian art and artifacts like baskets—oh, the list goes on. Fortunately, I do come to my senses after a while, but I always find something else. And books? Every room in the house has bookshelves.

But the greatest temptation for my husband and me is horses. From the first day I met my Indian cowboy, our common interest was horseback riding. Over the years we’ve owned some lovely horses. The best thing about cattle ranching years ago was having plenty of room for horses. When we saw one we liked, the temptation was almost irresistible. We live in the ‘burbs now, but we still have a few horses out west in Indian Country, where we have family and Clyde has land. And we’re still tempted to add just one more to the mix.

My latest Silhouette Special Edition (a USA Today Bestseller as of last week!) is the fourth in a series set in the Dakotas, Montana and Wyoming about horse lovers. ONCE A FATHER features a woman home on leave from the Army and a man who comes from a world quite different from the one she grew up in only a few miles down the road. Their common interest is a training competition for wild horses, but that, of course, is only the beginning. There’s an excerpt on my website at www.kathleeneagle.com, along with bits of the earlier books in the series. I hope you’ll take a look. We’d love to have you visit us at www.ridingwiththetopdown.blogspot.com and chat with us about everything from books to movies to shoes to cabbages and kings.

So what’s your guilty pleasure? How do you avoid the temptation to go overboard? And once you give in, how do you get back to blessed moderation?

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