Monday, September 13, 2010

Male on Monday: Men with Long Hair

This week, PHS columnist Kate Hardy confesses to her big weakness… men with long hair.

Some people are horrified at the idea of men with long hair. Me... I rather like it. It started when I was a teenager, with Robert Plant. (Didn't matter that I was 13 and he was 30. He was gorgeous!) That voice, those looks, that hair… And it’s gone on from there. I have a soft spot for actors with long hair, too – the characters. Aragorn, Jack Sparrow, Guy of Gisborne. And then there was El Mariachi (three scrumptious films).

I have sneaked men with long hair into my books. In Where the Heart Is, Luke has long hair at first. (My ed made me give him a haircut before he started work in the emergency department, but as Trek Doctor he was… ohh. I might mention here that Rowena thinks of him as El Mariachi. Cough. Guess what I’d been watching?) But most of the time an editorial haircut takes place right at the start. And definitely on the cover. My all-time fave Temptation, Nancy Warren's Hot Off the Press, had a hero with long hair. On the cover... they gave him a haircut. Boo.

But I think men with long hair are underappreciated. And, because a picture paints a thousand words, I’m going to be horribly self-indulgent and give you examples of gorgeous, gorgeous men with long hair. And I’d love to know if you agree!

Firstly, the man who started it all: Robert Plant. That smile really lights up the whole room – and I was privileged to see it from ten feet away when he played the UEA (happy sigh).

Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn.

Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow. (This one's especially for Kelly Hunter and Heidi Rice.)

Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne.

And a gratuitous one of Mr Armitage with slightly shorter hair, but this is definitely inspiring the new book. (I pinched this one from Philippa Ashley.)

Nicolas Cage in The Sorceror’s Apprentice (I’ll be talking about this film here next month).

Oh, what, you thought I was going to put someone else first picture?

Heh. I was just letting you wait for the best one - the ultimate Male on Monday, in my view (my DH excepted, of course). Mr Banderas.

Just lovely. Though I think I might need a fan, now...

In the UK, Kate’s Modern Heat Red Wine and Her Sexy Ex (aka the first of the French duo) is out on the shelves at the moment (out in December in the US and Australia), and next week you’ll be able to get the follow-up, Champagne with a Celebrity (and Kate is thrilled to have the first Modern Heat new-style cover).

You can find out more about these books, and Kate, on her website ( and her blog (


  1. I'm a long-hair-on-men girl as well, Kate. Sigh. I actually broke up with a boyfriend way back when because he'd had a haircut without telling me. I just couldn't feel the same about him with short hair.

    And that pic of Aragorn is my top pin-up ever. Mmm. Just what I needed on a Monday morning.

  2. Can I suggest another? My fave is Josh Holloway from Lost who played Sawyer in a delicious, scruffy, almost long hair sort of way.
    Loving Richard Armitage though!

  3. I have to say I am completely the other way. I love a man with a really really short haircut. Especially on the back of their head where it meets the neck. Lovely place to stroke... feels like suede.

  4. Jan - you have excellent taste. And glad you enjoyed the pic :)

  5. Susan - I will have to go check this out. Thanks for the recommendation!

  6. Biddy - my RLH has exactly that kind of haircut, nowadays. (Not through choice, though - through genetics!)

  7. Totally agree with the blog post, Kate - my current hero is inspired by Hugh Jackman with a long haircut - total yummy! Thanks for the Antonio pic, might have to check in here a few times for inspiration!

  8. Long flowing locks, or dreadlocks absolutely work for me.... Many thanks for Captn Jack Sparrow Kate... Also adore Sawyer from Lost and Viggo as Aragorn and Richard Armitage (although he's pretty tasty with short hair too). My first ever hero has hair so long he had to tie it back.. But my ed made me loose the ponytail! Boohoo!

  9. I am so with you on Robert Plant. I have to confess to a weakness for long haired rock singers in general. Can I suggest David Coverdale from Whitesnake, he's been at the top of my list for years.

  10. Kate, you are too good to us. What a lovely way to start a week!

  11. Sally - you are a woman of good taste. Antonio is just... sigh... :)

  12. Heidi - I knew you'd like that pic. And, yeah, editors brandishing scissors...

  13. Karen - oh yes, you may indeed suggest Mr Coverdale. He's one of my faves, too. (A lot of my love scenes are soundtracked to Whitesnake. And Leo in 'The Cinderella Project' - before the editorial haircut - had quite a lot of Coverdale in him.)

    When I saw Whitesnake at the UEA, DC touched my hand TWICE. And (even though Robert was my first love) I have to say it's the best gig I've ever been to. Everyone had such a good time and none of us wanted the evening to end.

  14. Kel - I thought you deserved something nice ;o)

  15. Hi, Kate! I can deal with hair a bit over the collar, but I've never been too much for what I'd consider long hair on men personally. On the other hand, I want it long enough to run my fingers through, so I prefer it not to be too short. I'm thinking the length that Gilles Marini has is just about perfect -- as is most everything else about him! And, as your examples demonstrate, I can appreciate an appealing man even when his hair is longer than I'd ideally like.(Now, Fake Frenchie would definitely second your preference for long hair!)

    Having said that, I have occasionally envied some long-haired men their beautiful hair. Maybe that's my problem with long hair on men; I don't want my man to have more beautiful hair than I have. On second thought, it probably has more to do with the visual that my mother put into my head with her feelings about long-haired men. (It may be a bit much to post here.)

    And I was so glad to see that you hadn't abandoned Mr. Banderas! I did appreciate the eye candy!

  16. Jan - ah, yes, you were the one who put Gilles on my radar. (Sorry, if I'd not been in a panic on second revs, I would've added him in for you *g*)

    And I'd never abandon Mr B (and he comes across as SUCH a nice man in interviews - sigh...) ;o)

    Glad you enjoyed the pics.

  17. I am an aging flower child who's first love had long hair. Oh yeah, I love long hair on guys. But I also love short hair on guys. The length doesn't matter as much as neat and clean.

  18. I love guys with long hair, too, Kate. Thanks for the picture gallery :)

    I try to sneak them into books but you know my problems with cover art and hair!

  19. Come, now! No David Wenham as Faramir?

    But Viggo Mortensen and Richard Armitage...yes indeed.