Monday, September 20, 2010

Male On Monday :: Hawaii Five-0

Pink Heart Society editor Jenna Bayley-Burke has never seen a single episode of the original Hawaii Five-0, but it's a safe bet she won't miss any of the new version.

I love when new shows start airing on television. It's like Hanukah for grown-ups. Every night a new treat. I've been watching the previews for one particular show, and can't decide if I'm more interested in the scenery...or the men.

I predict that Hawaiian vacations will get even more popular once people are reminded of the beauty of the islands - palm trees, beaches at sunset, big waves, Diamond Head, surfers... I love Hawaii, so I'm looking forward to a weekly dose.

Since it is Monday, let's focus on the men, shall we? I've heard of the original Hawaii-Five-0, but it went off the air when I was still watching Sesame Street. The new version combines sexy men and Hawaii. Two of my favorite things!

Alex O'Loughlin stars as Steve McGarrett, a Navy SEAL who returns home to the islands to take over the elite Hawaii Five-0 task force from his father. Alex has been in a long list of shows CBS canceled - The Shield, Moonlight, Three Rivers - but I think this series has more staying power. He was also in The Backup Plan with Jennifer Lopez...which I haven't seen. But y'all know me and movies...

McGarrett is smart, capable, determined - everything you want in your law enforcement hero. And to be completely sexist, I hope they have him take his shirt off in every episode!

Dan “Danno” Williams is the foil to McGarrett's get-it-done attitude. The catch phrase "Book 'em Danno" shows his more by-the-book approach. Played by Scott Caan, best known for Oceans Eleven, Twelve, and Thirteen, Dan Williams comes to the islands to be closer to his daughter. Single-father heroes are always a winner.

From what I can see, the show will be a police procedural in an awesome setting, but with a bromance twist. Just the comic relief I need when things start to get a bit heavy.

Chin Ho Kelly is played by Lost's Daniel Kim. Talk about a sweet deal - he got to live in Hawaii for 6 years with Lost and he'll be around even longer thanks to Hawaii Five-0!

Kelly is a former police detective who McGarrett snags for his task force. Kelly is a native Hawaiian, giving the task force more respectability with the locals. I love pidgen, the blend of English and Hawaiian peppered into conversations on the islands, so his character is my hope to learn some more.

Mahalo - thank you - to Hawaii Five-0 for the eye candy. (Be sure to watch tonight!)

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  1. Caan is also on Entourage, which only has one more season.

    And I know this isn't MoM, but I'm really excited Grace Park is on Hawaii Five-O - she was on Battlestar Galactica and then The Cleaner.

  2. Jenna, have to admit I did watch the occasional episode of the original Hawaii 5-0, seemed super glamourous and exciting to a teenager from Shepherd's Bush in West London... But I've gotta say I don't remember a great deal of shirtlessness in it. More's the pity. And I very much doubt Jack Lord's cast-iron quiff was anywhere near as tasty as the new guy's washboard lean abs!!

    Heidi x

  3. I hope it is funny AND exciting. Because they're putting it opposite Castle and I don't have DVR!

  4. Can't wait for tonight. The view looks awesome! Huge Alex O'Loughlin fan!

  5. Okay, I admit,I did watch this new show partly for the theme song, lol, but mostly for the hunks. I'm totally hooked. After a long sixty minutes watching Chuck (what was with that episode?) and a decade(aka 60 minutes) with The Event, this show flew by. Great action, great, um, scenery, and a really interesting mix of characters. So cool to see it from the beginning where they're forming the task force. Anyone else watch it?