Wednesday, September 15, 2010

FIRST THINGS FIRST: There Comes A Time...

There comes a time in every write-at-home-mom's life when the last of her little brood of convenient excuses and adorable distractions take flight from the nest.

For me, ladies and gentlemen, that day is today.

That's right, little Kellys one, two, three and four all suited up with jackets and bookbags this morning, and at eight-twelve they hustled onto bus twelve leaving me with a few fleeting seconds of toothy grins from a back window, a bittersweet pang in my heart, and exactly what I'd been fantasizing about for almost as long as I've been writing...

A full day to work in an empty house.



That's right friends. Seven and a half uninterrupted hours of work time. I was completely giddy and, as soon as the bus rounded the corner, sprinted back inside to get down to writing. While I've been working a couple hours every day over the summer, having that one ear trained on the activity down the hall, or that critical bit of focus stuck on wondering how long my luck was going hold out with the kids distracting themselves, productivity was not at it's all time high.

I made some progress, sure.

Finished about half of the rewrite/revision for my third book, and most importantly kept my head in the story I'm so determined to get right. But writing with the kids at home has become increasingly difficult as they've gotten older. And while I love having the time with them, I was getting desperate for a little quality time with my manuscript as well.

Well today I got it.

Q.U.A.L.T.Y. T.I.M.E.

And I tell you, I'm stoked. It was awesome to the extent of two new scenes completed!

Now, don't get me wrong, I wouldn't have given up the time I had with the kids at home for all the contracts in Harlequin. But now it's time for these little guys to break out of the nest for a school day's worth of hours. And it's time for me to buckle down and get serious about this career I've finally got my hands on.
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  1. Wohoo - hey to you!!! I have shivers of excitement just thinking about a full day's writing. I reckon you timed your debut into the writing world just perfectly!

  2. Good luck to you little ones at school. It's a heart wrenching time - until you get back to work! Enjoy...
    Love the cover of 'Tabloid Affair...', BTW.

  3. Hey Mira,
    My littlest one went off to school last week too - doesn't the house feel empty?!
    Enjoy your writing time, looking forward to your next book.
    Jo x

  4. Nice one Mira, and I'm very impressed how productive you were, my two have been in full-time school for years.. And it's astonishing how good I've gotten at avoiding doing any work while they're out of the house!!

  5. Hey Rach, lol, it was very exciting...especially because the big day got postponed by a week when my medium sized guy got sick! But worth the wait:-)

    Christina, They had such a great time, it makes it really easy to kiss them and send them off each morning. And that cover is great, it really, REALLY suits one scene in particular (minus Nate's hair, but we'll just pretend, lol).

    Thanks so much Joanne. The empty house is just crazy! But great. For about seven hours. Then I'm really happy to have everyone back.

    Heidi, lol, I don't know what it would be like if I wasn't so completely swamped with these revisions. There's no choice but to work and work hard. :-)

  6. Since you can't stop the kids from growing up anyway, the only sensible thing to do is celebrate it. Write on!