Monday, September 27, 2010

The Call with Ashley Radcliff!

We DO love a call story, and this month we've had TWO!  Please give a big Pink Heart welcome to new Historical UNDONE author Ashley Radcliff!  Congrats on your first sale, Ashley!

There's something magical about the moments just before dawn... when the black sky finally begins to tinge purple and the cool air embraces a still-slumbering world. No matter how rowdy midnight may have been, both man and nature seem to instinctively respect the silence of the the hour before sunrise.

And in that silence, with the hurried pace of modern life briefly stilled, the magic we usually only read (and sometimes write!) about actually seems possible.

For me, that magic came in the form of a 5 a.m. phone call from two Harlequin, Mills & Boon editors.

"We'd like to offer you a contract on The Samurai's Forbidden Touch."

A contract. On my story. My first story. It was almost more than I could take in.

Certainly, when I'd submitted my Undone manuscript, I'd kept my fingers crossed. But with no previous publishing experience, no agent, and no other manuscripts under my belt, I thought the best I could realistically hope for was a polite rejection with perhaps a sentence or two of helpful critique.

But there I was, sitting in my den, listening to two editors explain why they loved my story!

"And, of course, you'll be coming to the RWA Conference?" they added.

The RWA-what? I was so new to writing that I still hadn't even heard of Romance Writers of America. Talk about jumping in feet-first and learning to swim once I hit the water! But off I went to Orlando, and to the thrill of having a more seasoned author tell me: "Make sure to get a 'First Sale' ribbon for your name tag." (The pink and gold ribbon now hangs next to my writing desk, a daily inspiration!)

And the magic has continued in the months following that first call. I had the opportunity to meet more wonderful authors than imaginable at the RWA Conference, and I'm so grateful for the mentoring and encouragement they have shared with me. And I've also been able to see my first cover; the design for The Samurai's Forbidden Touch is a beauty!

Will the magic continue? I certainly hope--and believe--it will. Because I'm discovering that hard work, inspiration, and the advice of wise editors and experienced authors is a more potent combination than any pixie dust.

Please drop by my website,, to learn more about The Samurai's Forbidden Touch, due out this October! I can't wait to hear from you.


  1. Congratulations, Ashley!! Very exciting! And seeing your first cover must have been a thrill.


  2. WOW - what a call story! HUGE congrats :)

  3. Congrats Ashley. It is a lovely Call story and I can't wait to read your Undone. Medieval Japan! I can remember reading and loving Shogun.

  4. Congratulations, Ashley - what a terrific call story!

  5. Congratulations, Ashley. Nothing matches the thrill of the first call, but it never goes away no matter how many books you write.
    Margaret Mayo