Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Temptation Tuesday - Ice Cream

Donna Alward returns to Temptation Tuesday with a summertime indulgence - soft, cold, awesome ice cream!

I love ice cream.  I never used to, to be honest.  Not that I disliked it, but I didn't LOVE it.  We would go months without having it in the freezer.  Then I was pregnant with my second child until the end of July many years ago and ice cream hit the spot on those hot, hot days.

I definitely have some favourites.  Top of the list is a really good vanilla.  I know, it sounds boring. But I love vanilla. Especially vanilla made with little bits of actual vanilla bean in it.

Then I like variations built on a vanilla base.  We're talking butter pecan, toffee bits, rum and raisin, and my new favourite Homespun Sticky Bun.  It's the addition of cinnamon that gets me, and the little bits of dough. Anything vanilla with streaks of caramel has me in heaven.

One year we went camping and each night we got ice cream.  The campground went through so much that a flavour of one day might not be there the next.  So we often all got different flavours and tried them all.  The Nestle flavs were hits - like Turtle and Rolo and Coffee Crisp.

My husband likes chocolate ice cream.  I do too, though I normally choose a caramel or vanilla base.  Flavours like chocolate truffle, or Tin Roof, anything with cappucino in the name.  How about Black Forest with a streak of cherry running through it?

I've canvassed the kids and my eldest says her fave is Brownies on the Moon (chunks of brownies are ALWAYS a good thing), and my youngest likes the super sweet Bubble Gum or Cotton Candy (not sure where she gets that from, yuck!).

Now the only question is regular cone, waffle cone, or bowl? (Note: Eldest is regular cone, the rest of us are waffle cone people!)

Donna's looking forward to her next release coming from Mills and Boon Cherish (Romance).  Proud Rancher, Precious Bundle is out in October in the UK, paired with a story by Barbara Hannay.


  1. just today I was wondering if spumoni was the neapolitan for grown ups :D

    the tall boy loves mint brownie, the small boy loves sherbet, the baby girl prefers vanilla. Hubba Bubba likes rocky road.

    Right now my favorite is the dairy free Coconut Bliss in chocolate. Ice cream make from coconut milk! You don't even miss the dairy.

  2. I'm not really an ice cream person, but home made vanilla (yes, WITH the little flecks!) is hard to beat when teamed with warm chocolate brownies and Morello cherry sauce. Mmm....

  3. Hi Donna

    I was in Florence recently and we found a little Gelati shop near the Ponte Vecchio... There were so many flavours to choose from that in the end I went for Melon, which looked light and refreshing (and was) but my husband choose the chocolate... Dark, dangerous and delicious, with great big chunks of chocolate in it! Just like an M&B hero really... So my very own hero got strong-armed into letting me have most of it! Yum!

    I'm a big fan of ice-cream but have to say I can't stand that stuff with loads of extra bits in (like raw cookie dough... ughh!) So the Italian variety suited me just fine.

  4. Chocolate in a bowl!!

    We gave my dad an ice cream maker for his birthday last year. Favourite flavour he does is between Jack Daniels with butter pecan or Blueberries with Cassis (all vanilla based)


  5. OMG that all sounds so GOOOOOOOD!

    Jenna - I ADORE coconut. So I'd probably like that a lot. I am on the search for a good ice cream that is something like: Coconut Cream Pie, Macaroon or Pina Colada. Mmmmm!

  6. Donna - sigh, any Italian ice cream. I don't like chocolate ice cream (weird for someone who loves ice cream and chocolate as much as I do, I know) but even that's nice in Italy :o)

    Fave flavour... if pushed, I'd go for panna cotta. I also love coffee ice cream. But the big vote in this house goes for my home made strawberry ice cream (it's actually yoghurt-based and very healthy, but tastes gorgeous - summer on a spoon). I'm really looking forward to writing my gelati book later this year, when I will have to make lots of different flavours for research purposes...

    And, Jenna, that coconut sounds gorgeous. (Makes mental note to fiddle with ice cream maker...)