Friday, August 06, 2010

Must Watch Friday - Wall-E

Pink Heart society co-founder Ally Blake has two kids two and under. Pixar moves get a good work out in her home. Lucky her they have a lot of heart, and even a good lashing of romance. Take Wall-E, a tale of a wide-eyed hero and a tough cookie of a heroine. Heaven!

When I first saw the ad for Wall-E I was pregnant with my first bub. The ad lasted 30 seconds in a darkened cinema. It showed a big eyed robot names Wall-E, standing on top of a heap of garbage late at night. All of a sudden the clouds above cleared. Wall-E looked up. He stared into the stars. And became a robot with a dream. I bawled! And I knew I had to see it the minute it came out.

From the moment this movie begins, piles of garbage the size of skyscrapers littering a deserted city scape, and a soundtrack of eerie music you just know you're going to be in for a completely unique ride.

Moments later enter Wall-E. Our hero. The sole surviving garbage clean-up robot left "alive" on earth several hundred years after humans fled. In that time he's gone from automatom to self-determining. That in itself is pretty heroic! His only companion is an indestructible cockroach.

Soon we learn that out hero is not only self-sufficient, he's also a romantic. In the several hundred years he's been on the job he has created a home for himself, collecting "garbage" that he finds intriguing. Lighters, plastic forks, Rubiks cubes. His greatest treasure is a video copy of Hello Dolly. He watches it by himself alone at night after the cockroach has gone to sleep in his daily Twinkie. Eyes glazing over moonily at the singing, the dancing, the love affair.

Our hero appears happy go lucky, but he knows he's alone. Would he ever find someone out there in the universe who would hold his hand?

By now I'm feeling all mushy and gooey and this is about a pile of animated nuts and bolts! Nobody does this better than Pixar. Truly.

Then one day, for the first time in several hundred years, a spaceship returns to earth. And with it comes Eve.

While Wall-E is beaten and battered and lonely and terribly sweet, our Eve is slick, serious, and one kick-ass heroine! She comes fully-armed, multi-lingual, and on a classified mission. She even tries to incinerate our boy at first meeting!

Despite, or perhaps because of all that, Wall-E is in love. He's mesmerised by her va va voom, her smarts, her way with a weapon. And while she brushes him off again and again, he never gives in. Eventually she has no choice but to notice him. And more when through his eyes she begins to see the beauty he's uncovered within the drab, brown world around them. And our ice cool heroine begins to thaw.

Remember now, these are two robots. Neither of whom ever say much bar their own names. It's all in the glances. The actions. The music. The brilliance of Pixar to give you something real with nothing but pixels.

I'm not about to give anything else away but to say the story only ramps up from there. Hold onto your seats, 'cuase you'll be in for a ripper of a ride! As well as one of the most unusual, moving, delightful, hard-won, heart-warming romances you'll ever see on film.

Rent it. Better yet, buy it today. Fall in love with Wall-E, as he falls in love with Eva and mankind falls in love with him!

Warm and fuzzy rating: 10 out of 10!

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  1. Great choice. Son Number One has loved Wall-E since it came out, and does a pretty cool Eeevaaa..