Monday, August 09, 2010

Male on Monday - Vamp or Wolf?

This Monday PHS Editor Donna Alward is back with a new addition to Male on Monday - Joe Manganiello.

Just when you think you're definitely a vampire girl, along comes a werewolf.

It happened to me in Twilight - Edward was all broody and smouldering and Jacob was just...kinda cute.  Then he got all ripped and turned into a werewolf and Edward suddenly seemed very pasty and scrawny.  Don't get me wrong, I'm still an Edward girl in the books, but my allegiance shifted in the movies when New Moon came out. Team Jacob. Muscles and dark eyes and a six pack will do that.

Now the same thing has happened with True Blood.  I ADORE this series though it's not for the faint of heart. At first it was Bill.  I really dug Bill, until Erik came along - and Alexander Skarsgaard has already featured in one of my MoM posts. I'm still a big fan of Erik.  Season 3 opened with a very tall, naked Erik striding across a room and I nearly swallowed my tongue.  I do so love tall men.  And Erik still makes me laugh with a quirk of his eyebrow and hint of a sardonic smile.  He's up to something. And his scenes with LaFayette are awesomeness.


There's a were on the scene and his name is Alcide.  And Alcide is HAWT.  Smokin' hawt. And he's 6'5".

Joe Manganiello plays Alcide and I had never heard of him before so I had the onerous job (not) of doing a little research.

Joe was born and raised in Pittsburgh, and is 33 years old.  In addition to being a jock (he played several sports and captained a few teams in high school) he also was active in drama, being cast as Judd Fry in Oklahoma! and spent his weekends noodling around with AV equipment, making movies with his friends.

He enrolled in university after failing to be accepted into the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama, but he reapplied and auditioned and was accepted a year later.

There's not a whole lot of personal info to be found but what I did find is a list of work credits as long as my arm.  Joe's been a busy boy.  His theatre credits include Lorenzo in The Merchant of Venice, Stanley in A Streetcar Named Desire, and Leo Belraggio in Unusual Acts of Devotion.  He's been in several movies including playing Flash Thompson in Spiderman and Behind Enemy Lines: Columbia. 

But the true story comes from his television credits.  Guest roles/short stints include Las Vegas, Scrubs, ER, all three CSI series, several seasons of How I Met Your Mother and the fifth season of One Tree Hill.

True Blood was already his fave show when he auditioned for the role of Coot and ended up with Alcide.  Personally - I'm rather glad he got Alcide.  He's described the Sookie/Bill/Erik/Alcide situation as a "love square" which makes me laugh.  He bulked up, grew the beard and got a little extra tan for the show so he'd look "different".

Well, he sure got my attention.

As for what's next for Joe? He's said "I know they’re going to be casting Superman soon, and there’s someone at USA Today that just started a Joe For Superman blog. That would be another dream come true."

And how cool is it that he just recorded an audio book?  He lent his voice talent to Dragon Bones, a fantasy by Patricia Briggs.

Meanwhile, I'm tuning in each week to season 3 of True Blood to find out what happens between Alcide and Sookie. Considering the last epi I saw had him arriving in front of Tara and shifting out of a wolf and into human form - sans clothing - I think Joe's fan base is about to skyrocket. 

Donna's upcoming release is the UK edition of Proud Rancher, Precious Bundle coming in October.  Meanwhile she's winding up some summer vacation and beginning work on her next book.


  1. Well, whew! May be doing a little research myself :)

    And gorgeous cover for the new book, Donna.

  2. Thanks Liz! I can't wait to watch the next episode. I think he may end up as hero casting for a book one of these days too. He's definitely a tall, strong, protective type. :-)

  3. Donna, you're talking my language here!
    I'm def team Jacob, and Eric beats Bill hands down.
    In the UK we haven't had season 3 yet, so Alcide isn't yet part of the storyt...but oh man, I can't wait now! :o)


  4. Oh my. That jeans shot is worth a million. Thanks, Donna! While I'm team Edward in regard to Twilight, I haven't watched any True Blood at all. But now...I could be tempted!