Monday, August 02, 2010

Male on Monday: Spike

Kimberly Lang floats over to The Pink Heart Society to take a turn spinning the Male on Monday wheel...

If there’s a rule that the males on Mondays have to be real people, I was not told about it. And don’t make one now because I’m revisiting my crush on Spike today.

I’m not a huge fan of vampires in general (and that’s another blog entirely), but I’ve been a Spike fan since the moment he crashed into the Sunnydale sign.


Angel was rather annoying with the constant brooding, but Spike… yowza. He might be a bad, bad dude, but those cheekbones are enough to make a girl weigh the odds.

And his character arc was so well-written that I fell a little more in love with him each season. When Buffy finally gave in, I was ecstatic. Mainly because that gave the director many more reasons to show Spike shirtless.

I like my men lean. Muscle without bulk.

And, holy dog, Spike had the sexy smolder look down pat. Pure sex. If I could put that look into words or even begin to write the scene you know is playing in Spike’s head, I’d be topping every bestseller list in the world.

Spike was complicated: cool, irreverent, evil, honest, funny, sweet, cruel, passionate, vulnerable, selfish… sometimes all in the same scene.

And sexy as hell.

(And yes, James Marsters is a cutie. He’s a talented actor and musician, and from what I hear, a genuinely nice guy. But he’ll always be Spike. And if he’s not Spike, then I’m struggling for interest… He’s just better as a blond, evil, hottie.)

Feel free to weigh in on Spike vs. Angel. (But leave Edward out of it. Spike would kill him on principle…)


The hero in Kimberly Lang’s August Modern Heat is neither blond nor evil. But he is a hottie…


  1. I loved Spike. He was gorgeous and dangerous, the ultimate bad boy. When he fell in love with Buffy ... There are so many Buffy/Spike moments that I love but one of my favorites is when Spike tells her that he got his soul back for her and then fell on the cross. My heart broke in that scene. Spike is a great Monday pick and it's about time!!! :D

  2. Spike was always my favorite, the bad boy who turned out to have a heart of gold. When he fell in love with Buffy, and got his soul back, and kept on loving her even though he knew she would never love him the way she loved Angel, broke my heart. Plus the dude can sing! Wish Joss Whedon would do a TV movie focusing on Giles and Spike or Spike and Drusilla.

  3. World of Yes. Spike was always so much funnier than Angel too, which just added to his attractiveness. He got so many of the best lines. I think there was actually a spin-off in the Buffy comic book series that focussed on Spike and Drusilla but I didn't get around to reading it - mainly because a drawing of James Marsters just isn't as good as the real thing :)

  4. Ah, the Spike lovers are out today! (Maybe we scared off the Angel fans!)

    I totally agree that the Bad Boy who loves the (Almost) Good Girl is just the stuff love stories *should* be made of. Let the melty-ness ensue!

    Jo-- I can't imagine getting excited over a drawing of Spike either! Bring on the real thing!