Monday, August 16, 2010

Male on Monday: Send in the Marines

Harlequin Intrigue Author Paula Graves talks about why US Marines are just that little special and why she thinks of them as the ultimate in hero inspiration!

I know Male on Monday is supposed to introduce you to one hot guy. But today, I just can't limit it to one. Instead, I thought I'd talk about a whole group of hot heroes I love.
See, I have a thing for the U.S. Marines.
The dress blues, the high and tight haircut, the great bodies, the matter-of-fact confidence that they're the best in the world at what they do—there's not much about a Marine that I don't find wildly attractive.
So I thought I'd do my Male on Monday post as an homage to the U.S. Marines.

While I've always had a Southern girl's abiding love for the military, I think my passion for Marines in particular dates back a few years to a Moonlight and Magnolias writers' conference in Atlanta. What was a great conference to begin with became extra-special when we realized there were a few dozen Marines attending a seminar in the same hotel.
Marines and romance writers? Talk about your match made in Heaven! And the amusing part was, they were as fascinated by us as we were by them. Though probably not for the same reason!
The Marines we met that day behaved as true gentlemen, treating every woman there with a combination of respect and delightfully male appreciation. And they had a way of looking at you that made you realize just how lucky you were to be a woman.
So when I decided to make the hero of my August Harlequin Intrigue a retired military man, there was no question in my mind: he was going to be a Marine.
Luke Cooper is One Tough Marine, a former Marine Intelligence officer whose past has risen up to haunt him on two fronts, from the escalating threat from a drug lord with a blood vendetta against Luke to the sudden reappearance in his life of the woman he can never have--and can't forget.
Luke embodies everything I love about a Marine--honor, strength, fidelity, loyalty, competence, and a passion for women, or in Luke's case, one particular woman.
Do you have a thing for the Marines the way I do? Whether the answer is yes or no, tell us what kind of hero revs your engine!

You can find out more about Paula Graves and her books on her website. Her latest Intrigue -- One Tought Marine -- is out now.


  1. Paula, I love the story about the bevy of romance writers bumping into a group of marines... The picture that puts in my head is delightful, not to mention inspiring!

  2. Heidi, it was really funny. Most of us were wildly infatuated with them, and they were so sweet to us. They loved engaging with us in the elevators and in the meeting rooms lobby--I think they found us as exotic in our own way as we found them.

    They were so cute.

    Nobody ever seems to remember that conference when I bring it up, but surely some of the other writers who were there that weekend remember it!