Wednesday, August 11, 2010

FIRST THINGS FIRST: If At First You Don't Succeed...

...Cry, cry, and whine.

Wait. That's not right? Hmm, well for the record, it's exactly what I did when my third book got kicked back for revisions of the monumental, this-is-really-a-rewrite variety. Sure I was relieved and thankful beyond words the story had skated past a flat out rejection, but let’s face it, major revisions are not fun.

In fact, they’re a lot like a child who, after a long day, just won’t go to sleep.

You’ve nurtured this story since the moment of conception. Watched it develop from little more than a flash of inspiration… to an outline… an opening scene… and then that first precious exchange of dialog. Sweet word count. Sometimes coming easy. Though, more often hard. Growing and growing until, after what feels like a day that will never end, you hit those final key strokes -- T.H.E. E.N.D. Tenderly you tuck it in, promising to play copy edits in the morning... if it will please just go to bed and stay there.

Maybe you snuggle into the couch, but you can’t really relax, because deep down you know... the night’s not over yet. And sure enough, in no time, there it is asking for a glass of water or a stronger conflict, or a hero who’s less of an overbearing jerk and a heroine who isn’t a doormat…something else…because it’s just not really ready for bed yet.

You’re beat and frustrated, and all you want to do is shut your eyes. But you can’t ignore the request. You love this story. So it deserves your all, even when you can’t imagine what else you have to give.

I love this story that so desperately wants to be book three. But I didn’t get it right on the first go. So I’m cuddled back up on the couch with it, making the most of the long nights and giving it my all. Trying again—wish me luck!

WILD FLING OR A WEDDING RING is available as ebook now. Look for Mira's second book TABLOID AFFAIR, SECRETLY PREGANT! in October in the UK (Releasing as FRONT PAGE AFFAIR in Jan, 2011 in the US)

Come back next month for FIRST THINGS FIRST as we follow Mira's first year of publication.


  1. Keep going, Mira. All feedback is useful, though it can be hard to remember that when you're trying to coax a fractious manuscript into shape.
    Good luck!

  2. You've got this, Mira! Book three was my beastie too...but ultimately, it's the one I love the most now.

    You're definitely not alone!! These manuscripts happen...they happen to good people. And you can fix it, and you'll love it more in the end. Be cruel to be kind. :)

  3. "So it deserves your all, even when you can’t imagine what else you have to give."

    Oh MIRA! You hit the nail on the head. When you're told to dig deeper and you can't imagine how as you feel you dug as deep as you could the first time....

    Good luck with yours. After 4 goes at my last one, I know it can be done!

  4. Thanks so much for the support girls! It's definitely a tough stage in the process, but with each page I get through I'm more excited about how the changes are coming together. Fortunately, the editors I'm working with have been giving feedback that makes moving forward way easier than I expected it to be. So I'm feeling possitive-ish, lol, and hopeful for sure.

  5. Hey, Mira don't get me started on my book three horror... And the Elvis impersonation who insisted on butting into it and screwing the whole thing up!! (see that neat transferral of guilt there?)

    Wishing you luck with your current pineapple, if it's anything like as good as Wild Fling when you're finished - which I devoured on a recent holiday to Italy - it'll be well worth the effort!

  6. Aww, Heidi, you're the best- thank you!! Okay, but Elvis impersonation?? I can only imagine!
    LOVE the way that mind of yours works :-)