Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Writer's Wednesday - Kate Carlisle

This Writer's Wednesday, Kate Carlisle joins us to talk about NOT using real life as inspiration for a story!  Welcome to the PHS, Kate!

I Was a Secretary for Years – So How Come I Never Had a Boss Like HIM?!

I never kissed my boss. Never once. In all my years as a secretary, my lips never touched the lips of a direct superior. Not even at the office Christmas party (except … there might’ve been one time … after several tequila shots … nah, never happened!). Hey, I didn’t kiss their butts, either, but that’s another story.

Just wanted to get that out of the way, in case you think real-life events inspired my latest book, The Millionaire Meets His Match, a July release from Silhouette Desire. Because let me tell you, there is some serious boss-kissing going on in this book. Toes curling, thighs tingling, leading toward the bedroom boss-kissing.

The truth is, I’ve never been tempted to kiss any of my bosses, and I prefer to believe that the thought never crossed their minds, either. I might be kidding myself. There seem to be a whole lot of “naughty secretary” fantasies around.

In fact, when I decided to do a blog tour to help get the word out about The Millionaire Meets His Match, I thought maybe I could find a blog that was popular with secretaries, since the heroine, while she has an MBA, is working as an executive assistant. My search results included political blogs about the Secretary of State and pornitical blogs about the secretary in a state of undress.

Ew to both.

Clearly, neither of those types of blogs would be popular with my target market, so I happily came back to the fold of avid romance readers. Hi! Love you!

The main reason I have never kissed my boss is that I never had a boss like Adam Duke. Adam had a hard-scrabble childhood, but he has grown up to be fiercely loyal, honorable, intelligent, and oh yes, pretty darn rich. Hence “Millionaire” in the title. Not to mention, of course, that he is sexier than any boss has a right to be. He’s the kind of boss that makes a girl think of wearing a “Harass Me” T-shirt to work on Casual Friday.

If I’d ever had a boss like Adam, who knows what I might’ve done. Trish James, my heroine, certainly had a hard time resisting temptation. I’ll let you in on a little secret: she stops resisting.

I asked my Facebook fans to share reasons why they’ve never kissed their boss. Here are a couple that made me laugh:

• Because he reminded me of my stepfather. (Another ew.)

• While I love her, I’m not IN love with her. (LOL)

And yes, that was a not-so-subtle shameless plug. Join the fun at!

So tell me, have you ever kissed your boss and lived to tell the tale? What about a coworker? Have you ever wanted to kiss someone at work? Why do you think the boss/secretary theme is so popular in romance?

Kate's current release is The Millionaire Meets His Match, July 2010 from Silhouette Desire.


  1. *cough* Erm... have dated the boss (not current one!). Didn't work out. And surely everyone has had a crush on someone at work?? Gets you through the boring bits of the day... day dreaming.

    I think it is popular because you spend such a lot of time in the office, sometimes under very stressful circumstances. And it is all look don't touch. Makes any chemistry explosive.

  2. I kissed a co-colleague once - and ended up marrying him! Yay. Caroline x. p.s he wasn't my boss though!

  3. I was a trainee sub editor.... He was the chief sub on the local radio desk. Strong, silent and smoulderingly sexy.... Reader, I married him!

  4. Biddy, oh, that's a great way of putting it! You're in close quarters with your coworkers, getting to know each other, helping each other, sharing little secrets throughout the day. If you add chemistry to that equation and give it time, something is sure to explode.

    Caroline and Heidi, Congratulations to you both on turning a workplace romance into marriage! I think companies that have rules against employees dating are kidding themselves. How on earth can you make rules against falling in love?!

  5. Never kissed the boss but I have dated a co-worker...long ago in a much younger lifetime. Sadly, he dumped me for the cute new teller from Pennsylvania. I recovered and went on to bigger, stronger, better men, like the sexy lifeguard at the local beach. But that's another story... *g*

    Kate, I picked up your book at the store the other day. Can't wait to dive in!

  6. Kate, what a fun topic! I can't wait to read the book. I've never kissed any of my bosses either. But can't say I've never been tempted :-)

    Dana Marton

  7. PJ, sexy lifeguards are the best revenge!

    Thanks for picking up my Millionaire. ;) Hope you fall in love with Adam.

    Dana, we have that in common, then, never being tempted to kiss a boss. My mind just never went there.

  8. Kate, I have never kissed my boss, never had a boss or a coworker I wanted to kiss.

    I think the boss/secretary theme is popular in part because of forced proximity. It's easy to bring the couple together. This scenario also rewards a woman who works hard, proves her non-looks-related virtues, and is trustworthy. Maybe that factors in, too.

    I have the book and can't wait to read it!

  9. Hey Kate!
    Are you SURE you never kissed your boss?!?! Yeah, me neither! Ditto for co-workers. None of them looked a bit like your cover guy. Now THAT might have been a very different story!

    Oh, I did have a crush on one of my history professors once. He was young, blond and Austrian, and I just know he was cute without those coke-bottle glasses! ;-)


  10. Nancy, I think you're right about the forced proximity playing a role, both in books and in real life office romances. Plus, it gives the characters an opportunity to see each other in their professional element. I respect people who work hard, are calm in the face of stressful situations, and who are kind to their colleagues. One of my favorite moments in the book is when the resort opens and Adam admires Trish's humor and team spirit as she multitasks to bring this major event to life. Of course, it can't go without a hitch. ;)

  11. Cindy, Confession time - I really DID kiss my boss once at an office Christmas party. He was a senior partner at a law firm where I worked, and the associates dared me. I can resist a dare, but I couldn't resist when they said they'd pay me $100 to do it.

    So I approached him and told him, "They'll pay me $100 if I kiss you."

    He said, "Go for it."

    And I did. And the rats refused to pay me because they didn't see any tongue! The senior partner offered me free legal counsel if I wanted to sue them.

    Now... does that story make you like me more or less?

  12. Hi Kate! I'm another one of those 'reader, I married him' types:)

    Technically, he wasn't my boss, though. I was assigned to him on work experience when I was doing my law degree. We kept it cool until I'd finished my 2 week stint but the tension was high until then.

    I cannot wait to read this book! I wish the carrier pigeon would hurry up and deliver but I think I'll be at National by the time it does! Crossing fingers I get it in time to read on the plane.

  13. Christine, Wow, your chemistry must've been smokin' hot to have made such an impression on each other over a two-week stint. Love that! We'll call your story "From Mentor to Married."

  14. Congrats on the new release, Kate. I do enjoy reading books with the boss/secretary theme. I have never kissed the boss nor hooked up with a coworker. I do know a lot of people who have dated a coworker, but it become awkward when they break up.

  15. Ah, Kate! This book already had me ordering it months ago, but now it may be floating up to the top of my TBR pile!!

    And thank goodness I've never had nor wanted to kiss my boss!! Not one single head nurse was ever my type...They had two many X chromosomes!! hehehe

    There have been a few doctors (very few) who were tempting, but no, never gave in there, either! The closest I ever came was this really cute, fun phelbotomist...we ended up married for 29 years.

  16. Jane, ah yes, but there's always that hope that you WON'T break up. And proof right here in these comments that sometimes that wish comes true. :D

    LOL, Suzanne! Those X chromosomes will get you every time.

    Phlebotomists got it goin' on! (There's a sentence I never thought I'd say.)

  17. Wow, my last comment says it was posted at 10:28 pm. No wonder I'm so sleepy! (It's really not quite 3 pm here in California.)

  18. Hola Kate!
    I used to be a phlebotomist! It was my first job and I was still in h.s. The lab director used to pull the collar of my lab coat back and blow on my neck and say, "Jenny, some day you'll learn enjoy it." Good grief..I was sixteen. He was on his third wife when I worked there. Never kissed any of my bosses, but they've kissed me on the cheek lots of times when my sales numbers were good. :) I did marry one of my clients. And he's still a slow pay. Go figure. Kate, I have your book here. Can't wait to read it. Congrats!

  19. LOL!!! I love every single word of your comment. In fact, I'm going to read it again right now for another laugh.