Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday Reading :: The gems in the To-Be-Read pile

Summer vacation for the circus of kiddos has brought Pink Heart society editor Jenna Bayley-Burke something unexpected -- time to read!

Many mothers dread summer vacation. All the pressure of having to coordinate camps and playdates and vacations gets to them. I look on the bright side -- I don't have to get the kids ready to go ANYWHERE before 9am!

This summer the boys are in more activities than ever. Swimming, soccer, chess, cub scout camps, science day-camp, zoo camp...and they both had 2 birthday parties each! The small girl is now big enough for playrooms. This means I can have the waiting time between drop-off and pick up all to myself! Plus, she's much safer coloring than she is poolside!

After I take the embarassing and obligatory pictures of the boys' adventures, I can find a shady spot and read! I've decided on the grab-bag method of book choice. While I wrestle shoes onto the diva, I ask a boy sprout to grab a book out of my closet. Voila! And then there is always the Nook, a covert to-be-read collection that doesn't clutter up the place. Heaven!

So far I've been reading mostly Blaze (and 99% category romance of course). I have so many that I just haven't gotten to. Like 100. I wish that was an exageration! My favorite thus far has got to be Indulge Me by Isabel Sharpe. It's that special mix of sexy and funny that I love.

My reading decadence has even spread to backyard play time. I have a comfy lounge chair that I relax into while the kids get soaked with the hose or water table and turn fallen twigs into swords and elf houses. I'm much calmer since I can escape to Greece, and they're much happier to be allowed to explore without worry of an anxious mommy spoiling their fun!

So...what's the best book you've read this summer so far?

Compromising Positions just finalled in the Passionate Plume Contest. Was it the Kama Sutra yoga class, the chocolate, or something even more decadent that earned the honor? Check out Jenna's website and blog for more about her stories.


  1. Best romance read so far this summer? Sugar Creek by Toni Blake.

  2. Jade Lee`s White Tigress.