Saturday, July 31, 2010

RWA Conference Updates

The Pink Heart Society's own Michelle Styles reports in on the action at RWA National, 2010.

The Harlequin party is very bit as fun as the rumours have it. This time it was at the Waldorf Astoria, so a number taxied together -- from Harlequin Historical authors like Blythe Gifford to Presents debut author Maisey Yates to Intrigue author Elle James.

Unlike past years, the control on the door was very strict. Your name was checked against a list and your hand stamped. Once inside, waiters greeted you with a Harlequin Heartbreaker which included x rated vodka, and hibicus juice with an orchid floating on top. The desserts had to be seen (I did take photos!) but there were chocolate logs decorated with butterflies, giant candied apples, a variety of sorbets and ice cream lollies which were made on the spot and dipped in chocolate.

A variety of milestones had been reached including Presents author Susan Stephens and Silouette Desire/ Harlequin Historical author Charlene Sands 25 pin. After the giving of the pins, the dancing started with Nora Roberts leading the way. The first song that was played and apparently always is the first song -- We Are Family.

Because the theme was Pretty as a Picture, a variety of photos taken through out the evening kept being displayed on 2 gigantic screens. Can I just state right here that Kimberley Young has the most amazing red shoes (basically ruby red slippers with 3 1/2 inch heels) and can dance in them? All the editors were amazing. Mary Theresa Hussey can really dance.

It was a wonderful evening. Truly magical.

There is just something about a Harlequin Party

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