Wednesday, July 28, 2010

RWA Conference Updates

PHS Editor Michelle Styles is attending the RWA conference and will be giving news flashes every so often.

The wireless works! But I forgot my USB cable for the camera, so pictures will have to wait.

My flights were long and totally packed. I met Superromance/NASCAR author KN Casper and his lovely wife in the shuttle on the way to the Swan as well as an unpublished author from Livermore, CA who was lovely. Everyone is friendly.

The Swan is beautiful. My rooom is huge!

Michelle Willingham dragged me off for drinks with some of the Presents authors as they had had dinner at a Polynesian restaurant. I'd eaten on the plane. International still gets fed as opposed to domestic where you have to buy your food.

I met Maisey Yates, Lynn Rae Harris, Kim Hewitt, Jannette Kenny and renewed acquaintances with Jennie Lucas and Sandra Marton. As ever Sandra was impossibly glam and the other Presents authors are right up there. Michelle Willingham is just like her posts! It was great fun until I started to flag. It is wonderful just to Talk Writing.

Today is registering and then the Librarian thing. Plus later the signing and pizza party that Sandra Marton always hosts for HMB authors. Michelle Willingham and a bunch of authors (not me as I am doing the librarian thing are going to The Magic Kingdom so I will try and get one of them to do an update.

Have Netbook will ask people to write about their experience. Stay tuned....

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