Wednesday, July 28, 2010

RWA Conference News Flashes

The latest from RWA 2010 with Pink Heart Society editor Michelle Styles...

Christine Merril, Harlequin Historical
Last night, had a fabulous supper at the pretend UK at Epcot Center. Yes, I think bangers and mash is exotic. And the waiter was dishy. Celebrity visit from the Geiko Gekko. He's shorter than I thought: approx 2", and does not talk.

Blythe Gifford, Harlequin Historical
Started Conference at the Cabana by the pool and the Blogger Bash. Felt very chic! Then on to the bluezoo for dinner with my buddies from the Windy City chapter of RWA. Beautiful presentation of seafood - almost too pretty to eat.

Michelle Styles:
I met Presents author Sue Stephens and we registered. To my delight super blogger Barbara Vey was in the queue and I finally got to meet her face to face! I then tagged along with Sue and had breakfast with Presents authors Sandra Marton and Carole Mortimer. Carole is a VIP at this conference as she being honoured for her over 100 books. Then it was over to the Harlequin Digital clinic. Eharlequin community manager Jayne Hogenberk looks like a fab advertisement for the Menopause Makeover! Lots of fabulous tips about Twitter, Facebook and managing privacy. Very handy to know...

The Librarian's lunch was great. I sat next to SSE author and RWA bookseller of the year Gail Link with the ever so lovely Blaze author Jacquie D'Alessandro on the other side. Jacquie, I can reveal, is working on a Victorian Christmas anthology with Hope Tarr and Bettina Krahn. It was really wonderful to connect with several librarians from Florida, and Las Vegas. Sherrilynn Kenyon did a wonderful talk about libraries and the importance of respecting your readers.
afterwards, it was the Librarian/Bookseller event.

The librarians fell on the books like hungry wolves! I was able to meet several more booksellers who were absolutely lovely including one lady, May Boonpitak who came from Thailand. I was also made to meet finally Kris Alice Hohls who runs the Germn LoveLetter magazine. She is in the early plannning stage of a Romance Conference for readers in Germany in 2012. She is a totally wonderful person.

I am now sitting with my feet up and getting ready to go to the booksigning -- 500 authors!!!

More later...


  1. Conference Envy - I HAZ IT!

    Sounds like you are having a wonderful time and connecting with all sorts of wonderful people!

    Kris introduced herself to me last year. she is a doll. And if you see Jayne again - say hello from me!

  2. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time indeed. And you got to chat with one of my very favorite writer peeps, Jacquie D'Alessandro. Now I'm really pea green!

    Indeed, Jacquie and I have a novella coming out with the uber wonderful, Betina Krahn. A HARLEQUIN CHRISTMAS CAROL releases this November 10th. It was such a fun project to work on. Think Dickens but with angels-in-training instead of ghosts.

    Enjoy the rest of the conference and thanks for the great reporting.